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Not sure if I have a cold sore?

For the past few days I have had a rough patch of skin on the line of my upper lip. It has not blistered, and it isn't painful. Also I have never had a cold sore. However I have taken extra precautions in case it is a cold sore, like washing my hands if I touch my mouth. My question is, if this is a cold sore, and it's my first outbreak, will it be likely that it could spread to my genitals if I touched the patch and then touched somewhere else?

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This is very unlikely to be a cold sore.

Regardless, there is a high chance you already gave an established HSV1 infection. This gives you immunity from further infection.
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Thanks for your reply! So do cold sores always blister before crusting over? (Just so I know for future reference!) My patch just looks slightly lighter in colour than the rest of my lip, with a few tiny light coloured dots like fordyce spots, but feels like a scab.
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Also I think it's been there for a couple of weeks, but has just become more rough over time. Do you think I should get it checked out?
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