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Not sure what it is

Had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a couple girls back in mid may. Woke up with random discomfort in my genital region but nothing severe. Was very worried it was herpes with no actual symptoms as I get oral cold sores which have been cultured as hsv1. I then went to Aruba about 3 weeks later and after a day of being there I  woke up with a weird pain in my penis head and it looked bruised in one spot. At the end of the day after being in the ocean all day had red spots on my penis head in a couple areas specifically near the opening of the urethra. Immediately showered and spots seemed to just look red after. I thougt there was raised skin what I thought was blister like but after I showered it was just red itritation with no pain just discomfort. I immediately assumed herpes and took acyclovir which I had on hand since i get cold sores. The spots never hurt and didn't hurt to pee and everything faded pretty quick in a couple days. When I got back home I saw my doctor who was like it could be Herpes and I started daily valtrex but there were no sores or anything for him to look at. About a month later I went to a new doctor after I moved to a new city because I felt like I was always having that tingling feeling as having red blotches show up. The new doctor said it didn't sound like herpes and I stopped taking valtrex. During this time I always felt like I had blotches of red or tingling in my penis head but nothing ever amounted. I went back to the doctor who then sent me to a urologist who said I just had dermatitis an gave me steroid cream. My penis head was chapping a lot and the cream always made it better but left it very red. I now took valtrex again thinking I stopped taking it and was getting daily chapping but still got chapping when on valtrex. The cream seems to help but it's very recurrent. Any ideas? I took a full std test and was only positive for hsv1 which I now I have orally but obviously couldn't tell genital situation without active sore.
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Hi, reoccuring red spots without a blister would be as your doctor said, dermatitus.
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Hey thanks for quick response. I initially thought there was a blister like thing that had come out very quickly after a day in Aruba and it subsided immediately in the shower and I started taking acyclovir immediately too. Now Basically after a couple months my penis head gets very chapped on a daily basis someways worse than others... Any thoughts on how to make this go away? The cream helps but it just comes back again and again.
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Also much more "blotchy" and all located on head i
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Could be a fungus like yeast and unless you use an antifugal cream it will continue to come back.
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Another question not sure there is one correct answer but one doctor said if you get genital hsv1 with the primary infection you should get a fever or something as its a new primary infection even if you had hsv1 orally previously. True?
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First of all a herpes rash to sore to scabing to healing takes about 2 weeks. If youve had these since last may and keep coming an going, its not herpes related.
Your doctor has given you correct information but another on might say something different. Just depends if the doctor is seasoned in herpes.
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