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Not sure where to go from here

Both tests done at LabCorp
September 28th hsv2 <91
January 15th hsv2 1.54

I have not had any blisters/sores that I am aware of and have been very aware of things since possible exposure. I have felt like I have had things going on constantly since beginning is sept. Pretty much everyday since. For the past 3 months I have had what doctors thought was a yeast infection but after being treated twice not really any change. Mainly around my anus and in the butt crack area. And I have also had weird pains in my legs and groin area for months now as well.

Could it really be possible that this really is a false positive. I was thinking about having another igg test done but at Quest this time. Would that be a waste and most likely come out positive too. Or should I just go through the trouble to have the western blot done. I was finally getting over this and then went for my “conclusive” test and now a low positive. At almost 5 months should my result be a higher positive?
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Listen, we've been through this. You don't even know if you've had a risk, or if you did, if she even has herpes.

I don't mean to sound rude, but you aren't listening here. You are anxious - needlessly so - and I don't think at this point that anything I say is going to change anything. I mean, you could ask the girl if anything happened, or if she has herpes, but dear God, if you do that, do NOT accuse her. Just ask, and apologize for being intrusive in her personal, private business.

Test with the WB if you must, if it's the only way you'll get peace of mind from this. And by all means, seek the help of a counselor. Your reaction to this is disproportionate to the risk level, if you even had one. I wouldn't suggest another IgG test - if it comes back inconclusive, it will just mess with your mind more.
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I know your not being rude. I’m trying to listen, but just can’t seem to get past all of this. I really do appreciate all of your help even tho I’m having a hard time listening. I wish my test would have just came back negative so I could just get on with this instead of having to further test possibly for no reason. I have stayed off this site for almost a week and have tried to ignore all of this and take your word for it. My symptoms whether real or I. My head have calmed down some. But still get weird groin and penis pains. And my thighs and knee area have been extremely itchy and have ingrown hairs and a few pimples everywhere. At least I hope they’re just pimples.
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Take the WB. Put this to rest for yourself.

And honestly, sincerely, get some counseling. You have an issue with anxiety, and need some help with it, and there is help out there.

Your symptoms are not herpes related, and I'm not saying you aren't itchy and don't have ingrown hairs or pimples - I'm sure you do. Those aren't caused by herpes, though.
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I have seen some people say you will definitely know if you have herpes blisters/sores and I’ve also seen a lot of people say they are often mistaken for pimples or something else. Everything I’ve also read says that nobody would have constant symptoms for more than like 2 weeks at a time.

It really sucks that the igg blood tests that everywhere offers and most all doctors use is so flawed. I’m sure I would just get the common answer from my doctor if I asked him about the WB. He’s probably going to say that I already tested positive...

I have one more question. Should I of had a lot higher postive on the blood test at almost 5 months if I truly was positive.
The tests aren't that flawed. How we interpret them is. People taking them when they have no need to causes confusion.

You had no reason to take another test. You have no idea if you had a risk, if the girl even has herpes, if she even touched you much less had sex with you.

Have you read the herpes handbook? That's really the only thing you need to be reading. https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/

Show it to your doctor. Terri Warren is one of the world's leading experts on herpes. Your doctor can search pubmed for her and find all the studies she's done/been a part of. If she says it, you can believe it. Here are some - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/?term=terri+warren

Seriously though, you need to stop with this. Either call the girl and talk to her calmly or get some help for your anxiety, or really both.

Not flawed but got a “low positive” result that may or may not be true. If the tests were actually accurate I could of already put this behind me and moved on. There’s plenty of people out there that get tested for herpes regularly and are probably living their life thinking they have it and probably don’t cause of the tests. Also I read the whole handbook that you posted, thank you.
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Hello. Not sure if i can help you out.. But i am just here to let you know that you are NOT alone..
I am on the same exact boat and i am too scared to get tested again.
Haven't been feeling well either.. Iam praying with all my heart its all in my head.
Will pray for you too.. But who knows?
HSV2 tests are not reliable at ALL . they're not even in std panels as they're even not recommended smh
Be easy
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Thank you!
Anything new with you???
Nope, still dealing with whatever’s going on with me. Thought about taking another igg test just to see what it would come back as. I’d rather just get a WB, I wish it wasn’t such a pain to obtain.
You got this.
I am sure you're clean tbh! Go check confidently. If there is something it would have appeared already.. Atleast a minor breakout atleast SOMETHING ALREADY.
1. Due to always stressing
2. The illness has to ' kick in "
3. Experts say a lowpositive has a high chance to be a false positive.
4. Organizations, clinics, labs.. Etc. DO NOT test without a LESION. A better testing is done with a swab for viral culture.
5. Testing for is is very unreliable.

Our brain plays good tricks on us sometimes because tend to feed our fears.
Keep me posted please, I will be here!
Okay a couple of notes here -

"Clean" means you've bathed. Don't buy into thinking that you're "dirty" if you have an STD. I have herpes - I am not "dirty". It means I got an infection, just like if I got a cold or the flu or strep. The difference is in how I got it, but it's a germ just like any other germ. If you got a cold from someone you had sex with, would you consider yourself "dirty"?

Second, the test itself is not flawed. Again, it's in the interpretation of it. Getting them to officially change their ranges will be like an act of God - the FDA has to be involved, etc. Experts know what they are talking about. It's SO likely that you both have false positives. You both have incredibly low positives.

"Our brain plays good tricks on us sometimes because tend to feed our fears." - this is the truest statement ever.

This article may help you both, and I post it in kindness, not criticism - https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/dec/29/stop-catastrophising-expert-guide-psychologist

I am so sorry if it came out that way auntie. I do not mean it like that AT ALL! Shame on me if I meant that.
All I meant was STD negative. My apologies.
No, no - I get it, and I am sure you wouldn't ever intentionally offend anyone. Most people don't think when using that term, but it's important to stop and think on it. There is a huge stigma with STDs, and "clean" is just part of it.

I wasn't upset with you at all - just clarifying the thinking process with that term. It's all good. :)
You're absolutely right.
Its been maybe a month after exposure and i am starting to attain the idea that I do not have herpes. It hits me every now and then when I feel something.. And when i realized how I have slightly shifted my mind off my genital area lol
And the link you sent.. I am really going to look further into it because it really seems like an issue. Thank you alot.

And sooostressed, how are you doing? Anything new with you?

You're welcome :) Always glad to help! That's what we're here for.
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I stayed off of here for awhile. I never went and had any other tests done. And for the most part convinced myself i don’t have herpes. But I have still been having some of the same problems. It’s been over 6 months.

Only thing new is I keep getting this patches of very tiny little bumps on the insides of my upper lip. You can’t really see them but I can feel them. Sometimes if I shine a light on them I can kinda see them. But I know they’re there. They have come and gone quite a few times now. Never scrap or pop or anything like that just disappears. I also noticed awhile ago I have a very tiny little white dot on kind of the inside of my upper lip. And it’s dark around it. Could it be HPV?
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It could be, but it could also be fordyce spots (oil glands), mucous cysts, or a number of other things. Oral warts are not that common, and having one tiny little white dot leads me to think it's just an oil gland.

Google Fordyce spots and see if that fits.

You might also want to try a good probiotic if you are still having problems with yeast. Try one with Lactobacillus acidophilus in it. They are available almost everywhere now, including Amazon. Many are gluten free, if that's a concern for you.

I’m not sure if it’s yeast or not. But I will get some more probiotics and start taking them.

I thought they could have been Fordyce spots. They do look like some of the pictures. They come and go. Usually gone in a few days. It always feels like a rash when I touch it with my tongue. And if I look at them in the mirror they are a bunch of very tiny little whitish bumps. The one single white spot has not changed at all since I noticed it like 2+ months ago. It’s like a white pen dot. I do have some Fordyce spots on each side near the crease of my lips that never go away.
Have your doctor or dentist check them out. Why not put your mind at ease?
I was just at the doctor tues morning. But they didn’t show up until yesterday evening. Every time they pop up they go away before I have time to get into the doctor. I didn’t think about having him look at the white dot tho.
Take a picture of it the next time it appears so you can show the doc the next time you go. :)
They showed up wed evening and are already pretty much gone. And They do not resemble a wart. If it was HPV would it come and go every few weeks and then disappear that quickly?

They look like fordyce spots. But do fordyce spots just show up and then go away? Maybe I’ve always gotten them and just never noticed until recently.
They should be consistent, I'd think, unless you are just paying attention on certain days more than others. Did you take a pic of it to show your doc?

Remember that you have no idea if you had a risk, or if the girl that may or may not have touched you even has anything.

Have you ever talked to her? Had an adult conversation? Like, "I heard something may have happened, and I'd like to know what happened that night. I wanted to let you know I tested and am negative for everything, because if something did happen, you'd be at risk for it if I had something, and I wanted to make sure we were both protected. Can we talk about STDs?"  

Don't accuse her of anything, just be conversational and concerned for both of you. If you barge in accusing her, you'll get nowhere.
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