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Ocullar herpes transmition

This might sound crazy but please hear me out, cause firstly im worried about my health, And secondly about my friends, And familys health.
So i Train Greco-roman wrestling, And in the Middle of practice my sparing partner put his hand in his underwear to scratch it And gave me Like a quick handshake imidiatley after that. About five seconds later i slapped And rubbed my palms against eachother And scratched my Eye.
Now i do not know if the friend has herpes But less than 24 hours after my Eye started to itch a bit. The contact happened on monday And now its friday And my Eye still sometimes hurts And itches a bit. The pain isnt severe all the time (it Had its moments, But mostly after being on the computer) And i didn’t have a fever nor do i have blisters around the eyes nor do i see foggy.
Would you reccomend me to get testeru And what kind of test should i do And when?
One more thing happened, a drug addict touched my hand the other day, as i was Getting out of a store, And as i was taking of my face mask i touched my Eye with the same finger he touched…
Could that be the reason my Eye itches (maybe he has herpetic whitlow).
Thank you in Advanced And sorry for the long question.
I still think this is cause i spend an awful amount on the computer, But i keep itching my Eye And i dont want to make my family sick.
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I really appreciate your concern for your family, and your eye health, because ocular herpes is very serious, but there is no risk here.

Hands do not transmit herpes the way you think they do.

Herpes requires direct skin to skin contact, but it's mouth to mouth contact - kissing (for oral herpes), mouth to genital contact, unclothed genital to genital or genital to anal contact. It also requires friction, usually the kind associated with intercourse.

If someone has herpetic whitlow, they can transmit it only if they have a sore. Most people don't leave it uncovered, and wouldn't just casually use it for things. It's very painful.

I don't know what's happening with your eye, but you should let your doctor see it. It's not herpes, though.

It sounds like you might have a fear of herpes. I don't know if it's based on misinformation, or a phobia or anxiety, but if it's a phobia or anxiety, talk to your doctor about that.
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