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Odds of my postivie HSV2 result being neg

I recently had some itchy bumps on my tailbone so I went to the dr. She said it was more than likely shingles but tested for herpes as well, I have been woth my fiance for 13 yrs and only him. I did have a boyfriend in highschool that I had unprotected sex woth but, I have never had a fever blister on my mouth or genitle area, nothing at all!
My resukts came in that the bumps were shingles ( i have never had chicken pox) The IGG test showed HSV1 43.27 HSV2 1.90 and shingles 1.37

Is it possible having the shingles infection and the high number of HSV1 could cause a false positive for HSV2? My fiance was tested as well and he is neg HSV2 and Positive HSV1....thanks in advance
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Great question. Same thing with me. I had something pop up on lower tail bone area..  Blood tested positive for hsv2  with an IgG of 13.6... I was blown away. I'm negative for type 1. Never had a single blister anywhere not even now. The spots I had just looked like an infected bump. No itching or pain. But I felt it when I was washing my body. It has to be a primary brand new infection since my life long partner cheated on me two months prior to this "outbreak". Yet I didn't feel bad or feverish. Igm were negative. So Dr thinks that I have had infection for long time. I don't.

Sorry you are going through this too.
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Yes it's possible. The type 2 test is very sensitive and sometimes it confuses type 1 for type 2. Your IgG level is within the false positive range. (Less than 3.5)
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