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Open wound on Clitoris, Conflicting doctor opinions/test results

Good Morning,

I am a 25 year old female experiencing one recurring cut/area of raw skin where my clitoris and left labia minora meet. Both my doctors and I thought it could be Herpes –but here is where the confusion begins. A brief history of my health:
Jan 2011 - diagnosed with high-risk HPV. Doctor runs full blood panel to check for anything else. Results:
Herpes IGM Positive for both 1 & 2, Herpes IGG Negative for both 1 & 2
As I’ve read here and other websites, the IGM test is mostly useless. Doctor told me to retest in 8 months to determine if it was a new infection or a false positive.

August 2011 – Retested for HSV – IGG test only. Negative for both 1 & 2.

March 2012 – Last sexual activity

December 2013 – I am continually bothered by an irritated area where my left labia minora meets my clitoris, under the clitoral hood. I go to an urgent care center where they immediately say “Herpes” – conduct swab testing and order HSV IGG blood test. Both tests return negative for both 1 & 2.

March 2014 – Normal Pap, HPV has cleared

Last week – I was experiencing this same feeling of an open wound on my clitoris. I took a look myself and it looked like a paper cut - there was a small area of open skin - so I scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist. Saw him on Tuesday, he took a look and said he'd do a culture for Herpes. I stopped him and asked that we not go through with the test, as I had already been tested so many times for HSV and have not been sexually active since 2012. I then showed him the blood test results from this past December. However, I am regretting stopping him from taking the culture. He would like to see me again in 3 weeks.

-Is it possible that I have a strain of Herpes that does not show on IGG testing? I have now had three IGG tests that have been negative. I’ve read that the IGG test looks for 2 proteins while the Western Blot looks for 14. Should I ask my doctor for that test?

-If you believe it isn’t herpes, what should my next step be? Should I get a biopsy taken?

Any insight that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. I really just want to figure this out. Thank you!
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Is the opening at the same location every time?  Maybe you are doing something to open it by accident if it is at the same location.
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Hi, youve tested negative so its not herpes. Maybe as Prizefighter suggests, something your doing. You can have a PCR swab which is very accurate for diagnosing issues like yours.
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Honestly, it does seem to be most noticeable after masturbating/using a vibrator; as well as during my period. I did read that trauma can induce a herpes outbreak, so that's why I thought it still might be that. It does always occur in the same location - a tiny cut where my labia minora and clitoris meet. Even if it is just a "tear" or something from masturbating, it's happening every single time, and I'm not even being rough. So now I've been avoiding touching myself at all costs, which doesn't seem like a great way to live.

So you don't feel getting a Western Blot would provide any more info than the IGG tests did? also, if my doctor does proceed with the culture test when I do see him again in 2 weeks - is it possible to have negative IGG tests and a positive swab? (that is, 2 years after any sexual contact)

Thanks again. You don't know how much your knowledge and kindness helps people. :)
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Your negative and no futher testing is needed.
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