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Hello my story it's kind of complexed. I'm looking for any advice and or opinions on the matter. I appreciate anyone who reads this, I've dated a girl for about a year throughout our relationship she developed a few sores down below and of course I panic and start moving away and she has a confirmed swab of hsv2. I cared for the girl so much that I didn't let it bother me and was just careful going forward. Long story short after her finding out she cheated on me with someone and her friend tells me because I'm a good guy. This was around October of 2018. We went out separate ways because of it and I couldn't believe that she would willingly expose someone like this after finding out about her condition. That lead me to believe she may of known from the beging. This is where my story comes in play. I developed irritation not long after around November so I put it off on hsv and figured I got it. I never witnessed blisters or open sores. As this irritation lasted months and as I learned about the virus I assumed it didn't have much to do with it cause it shouldn't last this long. It caused a bump in the area and I decided to see a dermatologist and he did a biopsy. I explained my situation to him. This bump gave me discomfort and u can say a burnining sensation. Nothing excruciating tho. The biopsy came back cystitic from bacteria it said. Again it was a bump that was there for a good 5 months. Fast forward to now almost 8 months later I was honestly surprised to see negative hsv2 on the igG. I always had hsv1 for a long time. I have a western blot coming and waiting on the results now. Can i trust the igG test tho. I could of sworn I have hsv2 and I've been thru all the emotions and to see a negative on 2 tests from quest and lab core 34 weeks after we broke up. I did one with quest and it was neg for type 2 and then labcorp at the same time I drew for the western blot I tested through my Dr. I just received those results and positive for type 1 and negative for type 2.  Throughout the 8 months I've actually had 2 of those bumps.. can I get 2 cystic bumps in 2 spots from bacteria and can I trust these Igg results 34 weeks from the last exposure. Should I retest. Or can I take the ders word that those bumps where cystitic. Again it never ulcered and he told me from the cutting and biopsy trama had i had it id of got the classic blisters and open lesions. I've never had them. I'm very surprised at these results. I just don't want to get my hopes up. Can hsv1 infection fight off hsv2, or at first fight it until it hides meaning my immune system didn't detect it because hsv1 antibodies fought it at contact. Or does this not work this way and my body would detect it and build antibodies for type 2
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I'm sorry she cheated and lied, but that doesn't change the medical aspects of this.

Your herpes tests are conclusive. You do not have hsv2. Hsv1 doesn't offer any protection against type 2, and it wouldn't make hsv2 hide. At 34 weeks, if you had it, it would show on an IgG test. You don't need to retest. You do not have hsv2.

If the biopsy showed bacteria, trust that.

It's actually not surprising that you didn't get hsv2 from your ex. Since you're male and she's female, if all you did was avoid sex during an outbreak, there'd only be a 4-5% chance per year that you'd get it from her.

I don't know if your ex lied from the beginning, or just found out in the middle of the relationship, but it doesn't matter to you now, medically. You didn't get it from her, and that's all that matters.

When you start dating again, have an STD talk at the beginning of the relationship - before you have sex. Test for STDs together, and share your results. This way you'll know for sure who has what, and it's a good way to start building trust. You can make an informed decision based on the results.

For now, you can start putting this behind you. :)
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Thank you for your reply auntiejesse I really appreciate what you do here. I got the westernblot results and it shows positive for hsv1 ( which I knee it would) and negative hsv2. I'm happy about the outcome but what I don't understand is it says usually people take this test to confirm a diagnoses after positive igg. Maybe u can help me understand something. If one doesn't make igg response then the wb will be negative. It states also it looks for the whole immune response, if this is the case wouldn't the wb show accurate results before igG. They say to take it 12 weeks after exposure and this whole time I figured I had it so after negative igg i did the wb at 8 months. I'm sure it would of showed intermediate by now had I have it. Or does it look for the responses it gets off of the igG? I'm not too sure. I'd think id have detectable antibodies by the 16 week mark as I don't think I'm immunocompromized, just the diff things I read makes me question it all. I'm sure they've done thousands of studies to come up with the 12 wk timeframe. My Dr wasn't too sure about these questions. Just said I'm negative for type 2. Have u seen anyone after long negative testing periods come back with positive results from the same exposure beyond 8 months?
Honestly, I'm not sure what you are asking?

The IgG is conclusive by 16 weeks. It looks for antibodies, in this case, herpes antibodies. Antibodies develop in response to a germ, to help your body fight it off.

The WB looks for a protein - this is an entirely different test than the IgG, and doesn't have anything to do with the IgG.

You had negative IgG and WB tests, at 8 months. There is no way you have herpes. Trust the science.

Just because you had sex with someone who has herpes doesn't mean you will.

I'm not sure why you are having a hard time letting go of this, but the first step needs to be to stop looking stuff up online. You don't have herpes. You just don't. Let it go. If you need help, talk to your doctor and ask for a referral to a counselor. (It's okay to need this. You convinced yourself you had it, and may need some help in convincing yourself you don't.)
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