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Oral HSV2 sufferer here. Question about shedding.

I am 32 and just found out I have HSV2 but orally.  I contracted it during a trip to Bali when I was 19.  The day I left I had what I thought was a flu it was awful, but also broke out in a cluster of blisters on my face below my lip.  Went to the docs, he said “its a cold sore or fever blister” and I never questioned from there.  It came back maybe 7 times in total since then.  And I now haven’t had one for years.  I better mention too like most people I also have HSV1 which I got as a kid, haven’t seen a cold sore for years either but the HSV1 cold sores are completely different, they are more “sore” like appear on my lip skin.  HSV2 is like a cluster of tiny blisters that pop, scab then heal and they appear on my skin below my lip.  Anyway, since then I have been in 2 relationships, one spanning 10 years, and never once had his reared its ugly head as a problem for my partners.  Until now.  I have a new partner, younger than me, and had only been with one other partner (also a virgin).  Starts dating me, goes for surgery on broken foot, gets antibiotics which leads to thrush, then a breakout.  Which is why I got myself tested ad discovered I am positive for both types and where I pieced together what I had actually got back in Bali.  I am assuming his immune system was so low it was able to infiltrate his skin even though i wasn’t having an active breakout.  What Im wondering is, if a person suffers from HSV2 orally, do they shed from anywhere in the body there is bodily fluid? Or will they only shed from their mouth?  I feel so so awful for giving it to him, I have to learn how to cope with this guilt.  Ive also had two babies in the last 7 years and if I had have known I had oral HSV2 I wouldn’t have kissed them, I am always kissing my babies and they never got it either. I have also read that once you have it in one spot you can’t be reinfected into another area as you are immune to it.  I really believe that is the case because we have had intercourse lots of times during breakout and nothing at all for me.  I had hoped I would get it in a sick twisted way so that I could go through what he goes through every breakout.
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What was the numeric value of your positive hsv2 bloodtest? This is important.
Oral Hsv2 sheds so very little that it isn't a concern for your children. Your oral hsv1 is far more likely to spread. Hsv1 and 2 are not concentrated in fluids at all. Saliva is not an efficient way to spread hsv
All in all I'm not convinced you have oral hsv2. It does happen but it's fairly rare. Hsv2 doesn't like the oral cavity. I'm not saying it's impossible, just unlikely. Your flu could've been just that and sparked a bad outbreak. Very common. It's also pretty common to test positive with a low numeric value for hsv2 if you have hsv1.
Thanks for your reply.  Hmmm I asked the doctor the levels and she said there wasn't any, just a positive or negative result.  Should I go back and get the levels tested?

Well I'm only guessing it is oral, Ive never had anything down stairs, ever, and the blistering sore i get under my lip looks exactly like the herpes blisters my partner gets. Next time I get one, I will be keeping my distance from everyone and getting swabbed so I know for sure.

He has tested positive for HSV2 so I know that is the strain he has.
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I would get retested with an igg test only for hsv2. Hsv2 tests are sensitive and cross over from hsv1 is common. It can even pick up odd protiens. Anything less than a 3.5 is suspect for a false positive.
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