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Oral Sex exposure??

Last Wednesday evening (10/31) I felt like I was getting a cold sore, there was no sign of a blister or anything I just had the tingling feeling. So I took the valtrex that my doctor prescribed for the first time. Nothing came of it, tingling went away and there was never a sign of any type of blister or outbreak.  The next night (Thursday) I gave my husband oral sex then we had regular sex and I didn't think anything of it. I am always very careful to not do that when I have a cold sore, I dont even kiss him when I do.  Friday evening when I was showering it occured to me that maybe I should not have done that and I had a bad panic attack, Could I have given him genital herpes (he has no signs as of yet)? Could I have given it to myself from my mouth to his genitals to my genitals (I have no signs either as of yet) and now I am freaking out. This morning (Monday) I do have the start of a cold sore, its very small and not my usual cold sore. I dont know if I got it from stressing myself out over this or if I had it all along and the Valtrex just suppressed it until this morning?

Please help ... My husband is not worried about it but I have severe anxiety and I just need some professional help. I dont want to give him or myself genital herpes.  

Thank you
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Has your husband ever been tested to see if he has HSV 1 infection?  If not, he should be because clearly this is a worry for you.  Because the reality is that you can infect your husband at any time, whether you have an outbreak or not.  You shed virus from your mouth intermittently, even when you have no symptoms.  

If your husband tests negative, you both need to ask yourselves:  is it worth giving up oral sex for the small risk of getting HSV 1 genitally?  HSV 1 genitally recurs about .7 times per year on average, and is easily treated with antiviral medicine.  

You need to get the test results first.  You want a type specific IgG HSV 1 antibody test, no IgM testing, please.  You can order this for your husband online, you don't need to see a health care provider for this, but be certain you order exactly what I suggested.  

And no, if you did give it to him genitally through oral sex, you won't give it to yourself again because once you have the virus in one place, you will be extremely unlikely to get this in a new place on your body.

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