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Oral sex first time help- Worried

Hi all. I am a sexually active person but only when I am alone masterbating. However, this time I took things a little step further and it was stupid. I wasn't drunk, I was fully aware but what happened was that I went over to a random guy's place and he gave me a blow job. And then when I went to him I gave him a little blow job. By little it was about 3 minutes. He did ejaculated in my mouth but I did felt that his pre-cum came. However, the whole time while I was giving him a blow job I did suck but I kept the penis in my mouth and just vaccumed it in and out without taking in or swallowing any fluids during the 3 min when we stopped. We were both having a 69 but when he said that he wanted me to stop because he wasn't "Feeling it" i got really worried and I still worried. So it went down me having to masterbate and ejaculate and then I immediately went to his bathroom and just garggled my mouth with water and nothing else and then I just went home took a full shower and I was really really frightened about what could have happened to me.

Normally I am always top and I never give a blow job and this is my first time and I feel ashamed morally and I don't want to do or go through that experience again. After a hot shower and rubbing my whole body genital, face and mouth with soap, I started to use alcohol and rubbed the pad all over my penis and scrotum.

I know what I did is not safe but I am worried and I need help and advice from you guys. I know that there was similar question like this before but please help me out!! I want to know what steps I need to take to be on the safe side. Please only professionals and experienced users comment on this post. I am begging you here. Thank you.
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It is not clear what sexual activity you have (and haven't) participated in the past and what testing for STDs/STIs you have ever had?

Oral sex is very low risk of an infection as most people do not have infections in their throat/mouth and when giving oral sex, the mouth is quite resilient against infection, especially if there is no ejaculation involved.

You are hence, I would feel, worrying needlessly.

I note from your profile you are about to enter another relationship. I suggest then it may be time to obtain a full panel of STD tests and explicitly include HSV if you wish. If your intended partner has had sexual relations before then perhaps they should test as well to compare notes and you can both enter the relationship with confidence.
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Well I did do an HIV test and it is negative and that was around this Feb. As for HSV I know that I have HSV 1 aka the common cold sores since I was a child and it happens round my lips and then goes away but rarely see them at all. The only time they would come out is that if some spicy sauce or something from a hot jalapeno peppers liquid gets dried on my lips they would come out.

And you're right, I think it is time to do a full STD/STI test. I haven't done that before because I rarely have sex. The recent occasional sex that I had given to me was a blow job. I avoid penetrating my partner. I only did that one time wearing a condom and did last long and I didn't even ejaculated inside him with the condom but I went to the side of the bed and continued my ejaculation with my condom on.

When I head back home, the only thing I had after that was 2 blow jobs from the same person whom I know and he says that he is clean and I never ejaculate in his mouth and would only ejaculate outside and then i would immediately wash my penis with soap and then urinate and wash again.  

But here is a question that I am really worried about. Let's say that I do have an STI/STD but I have not seen any symptoms. The only symptoms that I had and I have researched this thoroughly which had me worried when I was 29, right now I'm 31 going on 32 is that during my sleep, when i have an erection, in the morning before I'm about to urinate, I am half erect and there's slight pre-cum that's clear not cloudy, green or yellow. I workout 5 times a week at the gym and I am a fitness enthusiast and I eat raw food and rarely eat from outside unless it is an occasion among friends or family.  So I know that it is pre-cum but still I keep having doubts.

Sorry I went off but if I had an STI/STD, and I haven't noticed any symptoms yet, can I be cured? That is my biggest worry right now.
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All bacterial STIs are readily treated.

Viruses cannot.

As you have HSV1 already, you have next to no risk of being infected genitally. About the only way you can be infected with HSV2 is by receiving penetrative sex (or vaginal sex).
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i think the pre cum u get randomly is chlamydia or gonrr
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Thanks for the quick reply. Well, I have already went in for testing. I'll keep this post updated with what happened to me.
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Did the test and everything is negative except for one and that is Ureaplasma urealyticum which came positive. I got the treatment for it and that I am on the medication course for 7 days and will be doing a retest for it. However there is one thing that really boggles me and would like an expert to shine a light on the subject for it. When I go over to any websites that talks about STI/STD, not a single one of them ever mentions this type of bacteria. After doing some reading about it, turns out that about 70% already have it without knowing and are just living normally without the need of any medications. But at the same time what is weird is that when I looked it up it is considered part of an STI family.

Are people well aware of this, what about people that do practice safe sex and have it without knowing. And more importantly how is it transferred?  
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There are quite a number of mycoplasma STI related bacteria, many of which cause few issues and can expunged by the body. Often if you are still experiencing issues after the standard panel of STDs/STIs then doctors will test for a few mycoplasma.

Most of them are readily addressed by Doxy which a lot of people have following risk exposures anyway.
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