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PCR tests

I've been dealing with recurrent folliculitis (I believe that is what it is) in my groin. Specifically, the top (mons pubis) and only occasionally on the hair bearing labia majora. Only once had I gone to a Dr, because I believed I needed antibiotics, and they looked at it and said it was folliculitis(prescribed antibiotics and it cleared up).
However. I can't seem to get myself to stop wondering if it's herpes.  I get a STD test 2x per year, and the test includes a pcr herpes test - It's a cervical swab.
I've been negative for everything.
I'm curious to know,  how accurate is a PCR test when it is a swab from the cervix? The last time I was in I did have some of these sores/folliculitis/irritation happening, so if it was herpes it was "active" during the time of the swab.  
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Pcr tests are very sensitive and  very good at picking up the virus when it's at the surface. Have you had a blood test as well?
The blood testing didn't include hsv tests, so no.
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I would see if you can get an igg hsv2 bloodtest. No igm testing.
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