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Pain, itch, discomfort, sting in groin + flu-like symptoms

Ok, all started with HSV 1 exposure to genitals. The worst of it hits the first month and left me bed-ridden, continued to feel extremely sick and confined to house mostly for 3 months. By 3 months, most flu-like symptoms are gone and most dermatological issues much better but still present, and still obviously present on groin. Going on 5 months now (1 october 2012). Now, symptoms come and go but the penis and testes pain is constant, upset stomach is always lingering, any stress to body including a 20-minute walk will aggravate skin symptoms and lead to increased nausea and sometimes mild flu-like symptoms.

General malaise, flu-like symptoms.
Constant hypersensitivity and aching pain in testicles, usually with redness of scrotum and sometimes a 'leathery' feel to scrotum AND/OR shoots of pain to tip of penis, described as nerve pain, as well as irritation mostly just at the tip of the penis. Nerve pain can be referred down either leg to the feet and hands mostly.
Deep, throbbing pain in the entire pelvic region ensued sometimes by muscle aches in lower back and legs.
Terrible discomfort in groin.
Some itching particularly in groin region but can be whole-body, but the itching is not anything like contact dermatitis, and instead feels nerve-related.
Upset stomach, abdominal pains, looser bowel movements and nausea (nausea can be due to hit-in-balls feeling).
Increased sweating and heat generated from pelvic region and entire body, sweat can be 'greasy'.
Especially for the first month- low-grade fever, chills, body aches, photosensitivity.
Slight shininess/scaliness to body skin (may or may not be very noticeable).
Fatigue and shortness of breath.
Tingling in lips, chapped lips- aggravated by salts, acids.
Sore throat and swollen inner cheeks. Bad breath.

Have seen COUNTLESS doctors, been to the ER twice, ultra-sound of testes and prostate, 2 prostate exams, 3 STI screenings including HSV blood test twice, urine analysis, full blood work twice- once extensive. No specialists as of now but am waiting for neuropathy.

I've talked to enough people to have a pretty good idea of what is going on and we're sort of edging on nerve damage from a severe entire-body hsv-1 infection, possibly due to low innate IgG antibodies or possibly just a rarer case of uncontrollability in this disease. Pretty much, this post is to inform people of my story and ask if anyone has found a miracle cure. please, please..
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