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Pain in Penis

Hello, I’ve had pain in my penis for months. It’s almost always when I’m sitting down and not as much when standing (rarely) unless I’ve sat for a while. A lot of times it hurts after peeing, but never during and not really burning just a little pain. I’ve had no lesions or any scars. No discharge or anything like that. It was severe back in early August and then calmed down a little but still painful for 2 months now.

I went to the urologist to get answers but I wanted to check on here what this could be. It’s been pretty constant for about 2 months now and I’m wondering what is going on down there. Urologist believes it to be Prostatitis when he looked at my anus, penis and did a pee test. I was tested for HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia and came back negative. Just checking on this. Thanks!
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There's no reason to doubt your urologist. It sounds a lot like prostatitis, so I'm not sure why you are doubting this.

You can get prostatitis at any age, though there are certain conditions that cause it as you get older.




It doesn't sound like herpes at all, and you've tested negative for other STDs.
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@auntiejessi - I appreciate your time and answer. I just worry all the time and something I’ve done my whole life. I will continue to listen to my urologist and see what the next steps are after the month of antibiotics. Thanks again!
Counseling can help with with anxiety. Give that some thought.
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