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Painful Intercourse after Herpes

6 wks ago I was diagnosed with Type I Herpes...genital form.  I have taken the antiviral, Acyclovir 400 mg, which helped.  I have tried to resume intercourse 5x's now...and it's a no-go...VERY painful...feels like a sword entering me!
I can feel some achy-like discomfort throughout the day as well.  I went to see a gynocologist the other day...and everything looked and felt normal...normal Pap....no vaginal dryness...my partner says I feel wet and feels the same.
I researched your site...and see a few other frustrated women have also had the same problem.  I am wondering if the Herpes virus has attached itself to the vaginal nerves and I may have permanent nerve damage??  No signs of a yeast infection...no itching.  I am VERY frustrated and sad.  Up until the Herpes outbreak, I had a wonderful sex life.
I've been with the same partner for several years...I know this is not in my head.  Help!  I need some direction.
The Gyno said that I could try a hormonal cream that MAYBE might help or neurotin for the pain.  I know this is not hormonal.  Can you help me??
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have you tried just using a regular lube for sex since it seems to be painful right now for you?

herpes wouldn't cause just pain with intercourse - you'd have pain all the time if you had developed any nerve issues from being infected with herpes genitally.

the hormonal cream I would assume would be topical estrogen. It helps to strengthen genital skin. it doesn't mean you have a hormonal problem. does that make sense?

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I agree with you...I don't believe it is hormonal...I'm not dry...just painful...and tried extra lube...but that was not helpful.
I believe the nerve-tissue has been altered since the outbreak.
This hormonal cream perhaps a try to help heal the vagina tissue ??
Worth a try.  Doing kegels is uncomfortable.  It's just all crazy...very frustrating.  I had a healthy sex life before the herpes.  The vagina rim and area somewhat uncomfortable throughout the day...seems worse or perhaps I'm just more focused on it now.  Help!  :(
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