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Painful itchy bumps on groin area

So about a week ago I noticed a small bump on my labia majora as well as a similar looking bump in the middle of my inner thigh. The bumps are red and raised but under the skin, they do not look like blisters or lesions. I have squeezed the crap out of one to see if anything would come out and I ended up getting some clear stuff then blood but there was no head to this bump. I was interested to see what they were so I shaved to see if they were normal ingrown hairs or a pimple. I always get razor burn and my skin is irritated for a couple hours after shaving. I went to bed right after my shower and the next morning I woke up with a very intense itching and took a gander down there and low and behold there were a lot more bumps. Now these bumps are only were hair follicles are and are not in the fold of my vagina only on the front and sides of the vulva. These bumps are under the skin and are very tender and itchy. I also have normal white or clear discharge that I have had since I started menstruating. I left my groin be for a couple days hoping the itchiness and pain would subside but it hasn't. Yesterday I noticed my lymph nodes in the groin were tender and swollen. It got to the point where I am very scared and I went to the the store to get monistat 1 because I am very prone to yeast infections and get them all the time but have never had the bumps. Within an hour of application the itchiness ceased and I could go on with my day however I took a shower and my groin became very itchy and painful again. I swelled up and was very red from my hot shower and scratching.... It does not burn or hurt to urinate at all which is a symptom or genital herpes. I have had 1 sexual partner this year that was "clean" as what he told me and never cheated. We broke up about 4 months ago and I haven't had any sexual contact with anyone else since then. I am concerned that I may have contracted something serious and want to rule out the worst which is an STD.
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Hi, none of what you mention suggest herpes but more irritations from shaving and squeezing. Herpes are not under the skin red bumps but open topical lesions that contain clear fluid and spread to the surrounding area in a cluster type grouping.
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