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Painless, almost colorless bumps on lower lip?

i recently made out with someone over the weekend and woke up a day later with little bumps on my lower lip. they are spread out horizontally and near the corners. they are almost invisible to the human eye, but when i get really close to the mirror, i can see them. they are the same color as my lips and are completely painless. they are so slightly raised that when i run my tongue over them i can't even feel them. i have seen MANY pictures of oral herpes but most seem to be pretty extreme cases. my bumps do not appear to be fluid filled nor have they "burst" yet like i have read herpes usually does. but i wasn't sure what the minor cases of oral herpes looks like. herpes testing is extremely expensive and i do not have the funding to get it done. i just wanted to know what you guys thought... is it a minor case of herpes or is it something else- what could it be? i would also like to add that i have had these bumps for about 4 days now and they have not changed at all. they have remained exactly the same. HELP??
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This wouldn't be herpes this soon.  See your doctor for a workup but I bet they are just normal spots.  

Have you been tested to know your own status?
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the only thing that worried me was i read that herpes symptoms show up 2-20 days after exposure.. and it happened around 12:30 am late friday night/early saturday morning and i woke up around 11 am on sunday with the bumps. i never noticed them before so i was scared that maybe this could be oral herpes. it's too soon to be tested for it because i know you're supposed to wait like 3-4 months after exposure? i have gotten cold sores before periodically, and feel as though it runs in the family because my mother, aunt, and grandmother get them as well. and i know that is a sign of hs1. i just don't know what to think about it. the bumps don't seem "normal" but i just want to be sure that they don't seem like a "minor" outbreak of oral herpes because all i have ever seen pictures of are pretty serious outbreaks.
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i have also been stressing out A LOT, so i wasn't sure if maybe the bumps could be from extreme anxiety or something instead of herpes.
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If you have cold sores you have HSV already.  You will not get a new infection at the same location unless it is a different type of HSV.  The bumps you describe are normal.  Stop looking so deep.  If you have look that close chances are its not herpes.  As I said you already know you have HSV since you get coldsores.  
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thanks for your help. i think i just freak myself out a lot with the whole diseases thing. never got these bumps on my lip like this before i have had lone cankersores and such but never painless, colorless small bumps in plural.
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The skin can do some werid things.  
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