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Partner had HSV2

8 weeks ago I ended a two year relationship with an HSV2+ female (igg >5). Prior to the relationship I tested negative. The first three months were unprotected and the partner did not know she was positive. The next 21 months she took Valtrex and I wore condoms. I tested hsv2 negative via igg 6 weeks after we broke up. Do I need further testing? No symptoms specific to herpes, but have had aching and burning around my genitals. A couple puss filled pimples (never more than one at a time) in the crease of my groin also.
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You probably don't need further testing, as most people are positive by 6 weeks. To be sure, test again at 4 months.

With her taking Valtrex and you using condoms, there was only about a 1-2% chance per year that you'd get hhsv2 from her, so I wouldn't worry about this too much.

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Thank you for your reply, it’s helping my anxiety greatly. I assume that the greatest risk was at the beginning when she was not on antivirals and our sex was unprotected? At this point that was almost two full years ago, but I keep reading about the igg being false negative and people getting a western blot. Is that worth pursuing in my case from a logical standpoint, or is that being overly anxious?
People get a WB if they get a false positive, not false negatives. The IgG is very accurate at not detecting hsv2 in people who don't have it, but it does give a lot of false positives.

You don't have symptoms - no blisters, etc. - so I would trust your results.

Even at the start of your relationship when she didn't know it, if all you did was avoid sex when she had symptoms, you'd only have a 4-5% chance of getting it per year. Your test proves you didn't get it then. You would have tested positive by now. Now, you are only concerned with your most recent exposures, where she was on Valtrex and you used condoms. You really have very little to be concerned with here.
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