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Penis Sores

Hello, I am a 29 year old African American male with a history of eczema and hay fever (allergies)... My doctor prescribed to me Fluocinonide ointment to help relieve inflammation (eczema) I would experience on my penis from time to time due to friction caused by sex...

Recently, I went to my doctor due to what appeared to be a sore on my penis and he told me from a clinical observation it was genital herpes. Growing up I've always had cold-sores but the frequency of their appearance has dramatically declined since I've gotten older. Moreover, I'm very careful when they do appear. My wife told me before that her last blood test revealed she had HSV-1 (which I know she got from me) but so far she has not had any symptoms (and she's tested negative for every other STD)...

Thereafter, my doctor prescribed Zovirax cream and Valtrex tablets. However, I have not noticed much healing taking place since I've been taking these medications. When I went for a follow-up and showed him my penis (which was red, sore, crusty and oozing yellow liquid) he told me to stop taking Zovirax and Valtrex and to begin taking Mupirocin and Westcort ointment 0.2%...

Since taking these medications I've noticed not much healing taking place, if any at all. My penis is still red, sore, tender and as it rubs against my boxers the friction causes the yellow crusts to break off making my penis more red and sore. In addition, the sores, impetigo or whatever it is seems to be spreading to other parts of my penis. I'm also feeling slight pain while urinating because the sores, impetigo or whatever is it seems to be making the skin around my "pee-hole" swollen...

What condition do you think is affecting my penis? HSV-1? Impetigo? Balantis? Yeast Infection? Psoriasis?    Should I wrap my penis with gauze to prevent it from rubbing up against my clothes? (I've tried men's pads and adult diapers...my penis ended up rubbing against them)....

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Was any testing done from these sores?  If not, it definitely should have been.  Now, it is too late for accurate herpes swabbing since you've been taking Valtrex and using acyclovir.  

Statistically, HSV 2 is very common in African American men and women.  I would strongly suggest that you obtain a type specific antibody test for HSV 2.

If you do have HSV 2 genitally, the medicines you are taking (steroids) will keep the sores going for a long time.  Steroids suppress the body's ability to heal the sores.  

I think you should also get an evaluation from a dermatologist for these lesions.  Something not good is going on here, and you need to figure out what the heck is going on.  

Your comment that you've had periodic irritation after sex also makes me wonder about herpes.  

Please 1) see a dermatologist and 2) get a type specific antibody test for HSV 2.

Let me know how this goes.

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