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Picture: Could this be herpes

I had unprotected sex with a woman that i don't know her past and just met randomly in a party. This is the 11th day and all started with a burning on my scrotum. I used cortizone just once and it went away but it came back today. At the same time of scrotum burning a line of rash(does not hurt) appear below my shaft. Also, my tip looked like if I had lips (literally). I don't have pain urinating, or any other pains/symptoms related to herpes. Psychologically I'm very distress and even dreaming that I wake up with holes and things like that on my penis. I came to the US for the summer and don't have insurance. Therefore, i have to wait till i get back home. I'll appreciate all your help. This is driving me crazy. This is the worst feeling.

In the picture i think that I have had this before but I'm not sure. I think that I'm looking for too much details or something. I only can upload one picture. Here is the link for the other one with the line of rash: http://img403.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mediacardblackberrypictcd9.jpg

thanks you all in advanced.
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I don't look at pictures, as I am not a doctor and can't diagnose.

I do wonder if you have some kind of fungal infection.  Since you don't have insurance, what about trying an STD clinic or Planned Parenthood.  You don't have to have insurance for either of those.

If you need help finding one, let me know your location - I just need the state if you aren't comfortable with telling me the city - and I can find some for you.

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That would be great. I appreciate all your help. My location is Virginia.
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Here are some numbers you can call - they are for HIV testing, but you can ask them about where to go for STD testing -


This one might not be accurate entirely, but you can call and get some info from them - http://yourstdhelp.com/virginia.html

The first one says to check your county's dept of health pages for local std clinics, so just google your county and public health and you should be able to find a clinic near you.


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