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Guys I am 22 and worrying myself sick I need advice. On Friday night I received oral sex from a lady (non prostitute or sex worker) we didn’t have sex or anything the oral session was no longer than 30 seconds and I did not ejaculate. I was worried about my health so I came directly home and put a lot of peroxide on my penis for two days straight. Since then I’ve had a slight burning on the shaft skin of my penis. Today is thursday and I have two very micro small bumps on the shaft that still burn a tiny bit on that one side of my shaft. Idk if they’d always been there or new but They don’t look like ingrown hairs they look like two very very small pimples on top of the skin. Idk why I still have this slight skin burn in one area but I’m very scared and concerned. I have a wife and a son I’ve been with for 10 years. Can someone please offer me some advice. I have pictures of the area of need be. They look way too small and harmless but I can’t explain why this slight skin burning is still on the side of my shaft where they are :( I’m so scared man.  It’s the 6-7th day and I still haven’t completely healed
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This sounds nothing like herpes. You didn't do yourself any favors with over cleaning with peroxide. Honestly, i wouldn't be overly concerned and the odds of hsv from this exposure is very low. However your stress over this is very high. In your situation i understand the guilt you feel. I also believe your stress and guilt are you only enemy here.
I appreciate the reply sorry to be so late. My pimples went away as well as the skin burning without any lesions or blisters. But I do have a slight mild irritation in the meatus of my tip. It’s literally like directly in the hole and with close observation it looks a little red. It feels irritated sometimes but never pain with urine.
Is it possible I gave myself urethritis from the peroxide? I read chemicals can irritate and inflame the urethra.
And is it possible that a first outbreak of herpes could be herpetic urethritis without lesions?  It’s been 4 weeks since contact and I’ve had no symptoms besides the initial. And I read herpetic urethritis is normally accompanied by blisters and very painful.
Your very correct though I’ve been really down lately and it’s all I can think about to the point I’ve noticed my anxiety making me feel things that weren’t even relevant. I see nothing that suggests to test but I’m really worried about passing anything on to my wife :(
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