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Please!!! Help me with the query related to Herpes.

I have been to a massage parlour 2 weeks ago where I couldn't resist from getting their special service which included massaging genitals and butt. She massaged my genitals (I told her not to touch my penis) and butts with oil, which also included slight movement near the butt hole. Though I asked her not to touch my penis there was slight movement of her hand near the base of penis which got oil on the shaft. During the massage my penis was enlarged and went back to normal after sometime. But when it went back to normal the oil on the shaft entered the urethra, I could say so because I felt a burning sensation. Now I am going crazy. What if I have been exposed to some STD??  What if she has Herpes Whitlow??

I have read at many websites that STD like Herpes, HPV etc spreads through skin contact which makes me go crazier.

I will be seeing my girlfriend this month after 2 years and I believe things will get hot between up. I have no clue what shall I do. I will try to abstain and I feel very guilty for doing this to her.

Am I exposed to STD??

Please Doctors throw some light here.
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If she had herpetic whitlow, she'd have sores on her hand. It's painful, and she wouldn't have been doing massages like this.

When we say skin to skin contact in regards to STIs, we almost always mean oral to genital or unclothed genital to genital. It's not hand to genital.

The oil getting in your urethra can absolutely cause irritation and burning, but that's not an STI. You don't feel immediate symptoms of an STI.

I wouldn't spend any time worrying about this. Not even a minute - there's no risk here. I understand that you feel guilty, but guilt doesn't equal risk.
Thank you for the response.
Just to understand more. Does skin-to-skin contact means unclothed mouth to mouth / genital to genital / genital to mouth / mouth to genital / genital to anus / anus to mouth contacts ?
Yes, though herpes doesn't go from the genitals/anus to the mouth as easily as it does from the mouth to the genitals/anus.

Hsv2's site of preference is the genitals, so oral hsv2 is uncommon.

Hsv1's site of preference is the mouth, so when it is located in the genitals, it doesn't shed or recur at nearly the same frequency as genital hsv2, so it transmits a lot less frequently.

Also, you don't need to be unclothed for mouth to mouth - that's just kissing.

I started having pain in my penis with slight burning sensation.
I don't know why that is - maybe anxiety - but herpes doesn't cause pain in your penis.

See your doctor for it if it lingers, but it's not an STD - you had no risk.
I wanted to ask. Does STD/STI transmits only through unprotected intercourse excluding other means like mother to child, blood transfusion and Injecting needles?? I have consulted a urologist and told him my history of sexual activity. He says that rick can never be zero as there is no perfect test. Overall the risk is low. For reference find my history below:

1. Had protected sex with CSW in the year 2019 oct. I had a cut on my scrotum that day - Did multiple std and hiv tests that year. All came out negative.
2. Got a Hand job in a SPA in Sep 2020 - 1 month after this got a STD panel test. All came out to be negative.
3. May 22 2022 Hand job in a SPA - This anxiety is killing me.

now after doctor saying that there is no perfect test. I started doubting everything.
There may be no perfect test, but with multiple tests coming out negative, and very low or no risk activities, you can be assured that you do not have an STD.

1 - all of your tests are conclusive.

2 - No risk from a hand job.

3 - No risk from a hand job.

You are fine. Do you see anyone for your anxiety? Have you talked to your doctor about it? That's what your next steps need to be.
I have started taking sessions for my anxiety and my fear. Thank you very much @auntiejessi.
@auntiejessi I have been consulting Infectious disease specialist for the sensation of pain in genital. He has asked me to get Urine Picture and Urine Culture, all came out negative. He suspect Prostatitis. He has prescribed Bactrim (Trimethoprim and Sulphamethoxazole) and Microdox (Doxycycline and Lactic acid Bacillus) Antibiotics. I do not understand how come the tests did not detect Prostatitis. I have asked him if it's from some kind of STD he says difficult to confirm. I was planning to go for a STD panel test on 6th of coming month. Will these antibiotics have affects on the test??
Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate. It can be caused by many things, most often NOT an STD.

STD tests will not detect prostatitis. They only detect if you have those certain infections. Prostatitis is detected by a physical or imaging exam to see if your prostate is inflamed.

Why don't you go for your STDs now and then take the antibiotics after you take your tests? You had no risks from the handjob. None at all. Testing would be for peace of mind only, so why are you waiting so long? The handjob was in May.

Whatever is causing the prostatitis, it isn't from the handjob.
Oh and whatever you decide, treating your prostatitis is more important than testing. You had no risk.
@auntiejessi i think u have misunderstood the last part. I am getting treated for prostatitis. I asked my doc if it could be from some STDs he said it's difficult to confirm. For prostatitis he has prescribed Bactrim (Trimethoprim and Sulphamethoxazole) and Microdox (Doxycycline and Lactic acid Bacillus) Antibiotics . I will be going for STD test on 6th of coming month because I want to do it after 6 weeks of the event. So I wanted to ask if these antibiotics will affect the test results?
I didn't misunderstand anything, unless I misunderstood the part about you already taking the antibiotics.

If you are already taking them, then yes, it will affect them possibly. You'll have to wait for 3 weeks after finishing them to test or you could get false negatives.

HOWEVER, you have NO NEED to test. You had NO RISK. Whatever is causing your prostatitis, it is NOT an STD from the handjob.

Bactrim (Trimethoprim and Sulphamethoxazole) and Microdox (Doxycycline and Lactic acid Bacillus) Antibiotics have been prescribed for prostatitis.
@auntiejessi Now I get what you meant. I was wrong. I was planning to go for the test after 6 weeks. I did not know medication for prostatitis can affect the test result. I have been taking medications for 10 days now and will continue for 20 more day. Thank you for all your answers. When even i feel doubtful I come to you for your inputs. You have been very kind to me. Thank you.
You're welcome.
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