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55 yr old married woman.  Nov 10th made a mistake. Unprotected sex - not to completion  - I know this doesnt matter. Male denies ever having any std concerns but no recent testing. Four days later burning, mild urgency to pee, lots of white discharge. No lesions. Tested for Gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich, yeast, bv on day 10 - negative. Continued symptoms. Nov. 25th Returned to a diff dr who visually inspected vagina and saw nothing. Repeated tests. At this point I didn't have the negative results so he gave me Zithromax - 4 pills taken at once in case chlamydia. I took them. As the day progressed the pain when peeing increased...the pain really occurred after peeing in the urethra / clitoral area. Pain not really burn. Around 10 hours after the zithro pain lessened and gone by next day - but I now have a yeast infection. I may get results today re uti but I've been googling all night and I'm spiraling - worried about urethral herpes. I know I need drs input and blood tests as he saw nothing to swab. Would it be normal for this to be primary outbreak area for a woman? would it clear in that time frame? Can females have urethritis without an std? Please give me hope that I havent destroyed my world.
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You could just have a UTI.

Urethral herpes is far more common in men than women, just because of how we're all built. Cervical herpes is more likely for women.

A primary outbreak is typically worse, if it's a true primary, meaning you don't have hsv1 or hsv2. If you have hsv1 - as many do, even without symptoms - your first outbreak of hsv2 could be milder.

Given that your symptoms really are urethral, it sounds more like a UTI.

Has your partner tested? Will he? He can get a type specific IgG blood test from his doctor. They are easy to get in the US, not nearly as easy in the UK or Canada, but some docs will give them if they say their partner is symptomatic and they need to test.

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