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Please Please! help. Question about HSV1/2

I am 32yo, male. Been with 4 partners in my life. I am very paranoid guy about hsv1/hsv2 and other STDs, even before I had sex for the first time. So I had "the conversion" with every partner I have been with and they all were tested. I have done HIV, HPV, HSV (IGM, IGG) almost every year and they have come out negative every year. 1.5 years ago, I met this girl, We started sleeping together about a year ago. She also got tested for HSV (IGM, IGG), HPV, HIV before we started having sex. It came out negative.

Last week she called me and told she has a bump over her lip. I ignored it cos I knew we both are clean. But when I met her, it seemed like a core sore. It got filled with watery thing over night and next day dried and had a tiny yellow crust, which matches with pics on google. The fluid filled bump matches with the pics on google too.
It bump is enongated, size of two rice grains, on the edge of the lip and is little itchy.

My gf was out with her girl friends 2 nights before the bump appeared and they did make up together, exchanged lipsticks, dranks etc..
5-6 days before the bump appeared, we had regular sex.
About a month ago my gf performed oral sex on me and I did on her, we both kissed after that. Month gone by, nothing.

I called my ex and asked her if she had any problem after breaking up with me? Ex  said no. I am confused and scared. Is my nightmare coming out true? If we both were clean, how could this happen? I have no symptoms or have had any, till date. I have copies of all my tests and they all are negative. I am also confused about who has HSV, her or me or both?

We both are very supportive of it and not blaming each other. I trust her 101%, she has not cheated on me. Can someone shed some light please. Today is day 4 of the bump, the yellow crust is gone, the fluid is still filled Her lip is swollen. It itches a little and she is having headache, which she says is due to cough/cold. Could this be herpes or something else?

Please respond any thoughts or words of wisdom will help.
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She could very well have a cold sore. It's very common. Even igg tests will miss 1 out of 10 hsv 1 infections. Has she been to  a Dr?
  Don't over react and you are doing the right thing by trusting her.

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