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Please help!!!

Hi, I have a problem! I've slept with a Russian sex worker and had protected sex one time! After three days I went to a dermatologist because I have spots spreading all over my balls and the doctor said it's not herpes and you are fine!

I went to 4 other doctors and all said the same and after 23 days of the encounter I had a blood test all came back negative, then I had a small spot on my penile shaft to the left that is burn (the color is same as my skin there is no redness whatsoever) I went to doctors and they said this is a sweat gland and the ones on your balls are sebaceous glands, now for three weeks im feeling itchiness all over my body and i had a flu like symptoms with running nose and all

Now it's been more than two months and I'm still feeling itchiness all over my lower abdominal and my body
I felt a burning sensation on the left of my peins and balls, I have HPV and the doctor removed the warts with laser, I don't know what to think is this herpes or not?! I have OCD so do I believe the doctors or not? I saw 6 doctors 27 times in the past two months they've all said this not herpes it's just fordyce spots and sebaceous glands and eczema and said that I have an irritated focilce glands.

Please could some one tell me is feeling itchy and tingly a sign of genital herpes? Is it taking a long time? Do I trust the 6 dermatologist who've said this not herpes?
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Believe your Dr's. Itchiness all over is not a symptom. Either is a cold!!! Flu like symptoms are fever, body aches and swollen groin lymph nodes.
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