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Please help me understand results of IgG

Hi Community,
I recently received the results of my IgG for HSV-2 and it said 4.72 Above High Normal.
I have not heard from the nurse yet but I am anxious. Can someone help me understand what that means or implies? I don't recall ever having an outbreak. I did find out two months ago that my partner has been cheating with lower end prostitutes for two straight years but swears he used a condom. I do believe him, however, some of those were not full service and I know they rub their body all over him which now makes me wonder if he could have picked this up genital to genital contact.  He says they usually wear underwear.

Thank you for your help.
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It means that it’s highly likely you are infected with hsv2. There Higher rates of false positives between 1.1 and 3.5 In this range it is recommended to do a confirmatory test like the Western blot. I would start with having your partner tested and see what the status is
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