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Please help possible Herpes exposure

5 weeks ago I had a two minute protected sexual encounter with a sex worker.
After the encounter I felt really guilty and disgusted i started feeling sick. No blisters or lesion or any
Discomfort of Genital area. However, I’ve been obsessed with the possibility that I contracted herpes. I have been non stop googling and getting tested. I got a Herpes test done 3 weeks post exposure. I know it too earl but at least it ruled out of possibly having it before. This past Friday I had a thigh pain, possibly from work but I googled it and i seen the page of herpes nerve pain. I started freaking out but eventually calmed down. That night I slept on a hard bed and woke up the next morning with lower back pain and pain down my legs. I slept in the same bed and woke up the following day with butt pains and pain down my legs. I figured it was the bed son I went to sleep on my regular bed and woke up with a right butt pain down to my leg. Can I have herpes? I still don’t have any blisters or discomfort in Genital area.
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Nine of what you suggest is even remotely herpes related. You didn't contract hsv from your two min protected encounter. Stress is your only issue here.
Thanks man yeah I think so. I hope your right.
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I would like to add, you seem very ashamed of your sexuality and contracting herpes seems like it would be a physical manifestation of this encounter that causes you so much shame.

The dread and fear herpes causes for the vast majority of people is completely unwarranted. Genital herpes is no where near as dangerous as some of the other other STDs. In fact, mostly just pregnant mothers should be concerned about genital herpes.

Survey after survey show that people are more afraid of herpes than they are of gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis, HPV, trichomoniasis, genital warts, pubic lice, syphilis, bacterial vaginosis, scabies and pubic lice. This is utterly ridiculous given the more negative impact these STD's can have on human health compared to herpes.
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