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Please help

Day 1: Had protected sex using a condom with a stranger, even after intercourse I cleaned the "boxers" area with alcohol, since I'm a little freaked out about getting an std. My penis was "massaged" for a minute or two by her hand before i put a condom.
5 days later, or maybe even sooner, I felt tingling on top of penis, off and on throughout the day. Ill call it tingling, it may be a very slight burning, sensation. I freaked out. Day 7, I felt like the skin connecting my foreskin and head was a bit red and swollen. This could have been anxiety, as it wasn't obviously swollen. Could have been me constantly checking. To make matter worse, Day 8,  i got throat infection/swelling, which made me assume i got herpes. could have been coincidence since a bunch of people at my work are sick. It's worth noting, I was coughing up stuff, it wasn't just swelling. I went to see my doctor same day, who noticed nothing of interest, but ran urine test for chlamyidia and gonorreha and blood test specific to both types of herpes since I insisted. Refused to do a swab due to no blister or skin tear, however told me it is most likely herpes due to tingling ... in a very cold manner. I'm waiting for results a few more days. Doctor also gave me the Zpack /250 mg for throat.

Day 11, I am still feeling tingling, especially if I'm sitting down, and it goes away when I walk for a while. its off and on and i know its worse when i think about it. If feel the urge to pee, the tingling stops altogether. It doesn't burn when I urinate, but i feel it may burn a bit after. Doesn't hurt to touch the head. It doesn't look swollen or red to me anymore. Nothing that I can see would resemble blisters.

I realize the herpes result may be inconclusive. Does this sound like herpes? Would it keep tingling for 5 days or more without any blisters? I'm loosing my mind, and anxiety is getting the best of me.
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No, this absolutely does not sounds anything like new genital herpes to me.  
Your anxiety is definitely getting the best of you.
Did you have a positive lab test for a bacteria from your throat?  Otherwise,I don't understand why you would get antibiotics.  As you may know, we try very very hard now not to use antibiotics unless they are proven to be needed because of the rapid rate of antibiotic resistance.  
my opinion is that you are just superaware of your genital area and probably recognize every single sensation that is there, where before the sexual experience, you would have not noticed anything.
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