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Positive HSV2

Just found out I am HSV2 positive.  Culture positive and IGG levels at +5.  My last potential exposure was many years ago, so I guess I've been asymptomatic for a long time, or my OB's have been so mild, I've mistaken them for something else or haven't noticed.  Well THIS outbreak is terrible, and no mistaking.  Here are my questions:

1. Can I count this as my "first" OB?  I understand the "first" is the worst, and during the "first" year, people generally experience 4-5 OBs.  So even though I've had this for many years, should I anticipate this is going to be the worst year?

2. I must've been carrying this virus through my recent pregnancy - again, no OB's or symptoms.  Obviously wasn't taking suppressive meds since I didn't know I had it.  I'm just surprised that with the pregnancy, I didn't have a severe OB at that time.  Is this unusual?

Thanks for any insight...  I'm saddened by the news, but determined not to let this rule my life.
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no this isn't your first ob. You had your first ob long ago. this is just your first noticeable ob.  

were you tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally when you were seen?

not unusual not to have obvious ob's with pregnancy.

has your partner been tested yet?

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Thanks for the reply.  

I was tested for syphilis and HIV which were negative.  I suspect I was tested for yeast and bacterial infections - she simply said my other vaginal cultures all came back negative.  I was not tested for gonorrhea or chlamydia - although, I was tested for these during my annual in January, and came back negative at that time.  I have requested a copy of the results be sent to me so I can see everything that was done.

My husband's results are pending.  I had the symptoms so went to my doctor first.  After she said she suspected herpes, he went to his dr and should have results in a few days.  He's never had any symptoms, either.  If his IGG also comes back positive, I guess we'll never know who gave it to whom.  Or maybe we both had it before we became involved.  I do not suspect infidelity.

So my next question is:

Does the actual level of IGG mean anything?  I understand anything above a 3.5 is positive.  But is there a difference between a 3.5 vs 5?  Does this explain why I had an obvious OB this time?

Should I get retested just to be SURE?  To be honest, I'm not in denial about having herpes, I do think I have it.  But this is something that I'll have for LIFE, and potentially decide to take ongoing meds to suppress.  Is it overkill to do a confirming test?

I have ordered "The Good News About The Bad News" so I can be better informed.  This website has been so very helpful in my thirst for information until the book arrives.  So thank you to all who contribute.
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your igg only means that you've had it for at least a few weeks. Other than that, it means nothing. It's above the typical false positive cut off rate plus you had a + lesion culture to confirm anyways.   It's bad luck as much as anything as to why you just now finally had an obvious recurrences.  No need for any further testing either. You have confirmed your status with 2 tests.  

I ADORE Terri's book!  It's very informative and written in an easy to understand manner.

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Hi Grace -

Since I've now experienced my first noticeable OB, does that mean that I'm probably going to be experiencing noticeable (ie severe) OBs moving forward?  

I know it can't be predicted with 100% certainty but I guess I'm just trying to figure out my odds of how much of a nuisance this is going to be.  :(  I'm hoping after this OB clears up, that I will continue on my "lucky" (HA HA, if you can call it that!) streak of mild, unnoticeable OBs.  But I want manage my expectations if this severe OB is a sign of things to come.

I'm curious as to why they don't regularly test pregnant women for herpes, considering the high % of people who are unaware of their infection and the potential devastation should a newborn become infected during delivery.  

I'm anxious for the book to arrive - from everything I've gathered, I know it will be very informative and knowledge will go a long way to make me feel better about my situation.

Thanks again!
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no reason to suspect that you'll continue to have humdinger of recurrences like this but odds are you will start to notice recurrences since now you know to keep an eye on things down yonder.  if you keep having ob's frequently, return for repeat testing for vaginal infections, especially bv since it's a known trigger of herpes shedding.  

preaching to the choir here about why they don't test more folks, especially pregnant women. Mostly the argument is, just testing the momma to be doesn't cover their partner's status, cost of testing , the stress of having to discuss it with someone and the odds of a false positive.  All things that you can overcome pretty easily if you are willing to take the time and have resources to recommend to the person you are testing.  ok, off my soapbox before I go off on a long rant again....

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