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Positive for ghsv2, can I get ohsv2?

I found out I have ghsv2 2 years ago and shortly after began dating my bf. We’ve been having protected sex and he hasn’t shown any signs of an OB. I’ve had about 3 to my knowledge which I take valtrex for only when they occur. The other day I performed oral and after he showered he noticed a red spot on his penis. Later that day when he checked there were tiny blisters. Obviously we always knew this was a possibility but he’s a bit taken a back and processing it. My question is what are my odds of getting ohsv2? Note, I had started taking valtrex 1000mg a day prior to that because I felt like I could be having an OB as it felt like a hive down below and that’s usually my symptom. I’ve learned to live with HSV and not let it consume me but I also want to understand more facts about how transferable hsv2 is with oral. I also know my boyfriend is worried now with kissing.  It’s obviously going to take him some time to process but any info, feedback and advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
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First, before assuming anything, your bf should get tested. If you've been having protected sex, the chances of him getting hsv2 from you are quite low - about 2-3% a year.

It's possible that you have oral hsv1, and gave him that from the oral sex, but the timing of that is suspect because the symptoms appeared so soon after. Herpes symptoms appear no sooner than a couple of days after exposure. Was he tested prior to dating you? I ask because if he has hsv1 already, this scenario isn't possible, since his antibodies would protect him from getting it in a different location.

You have antibodies already for hsv2 that would protect you from getting hsv2 orally, and oral hsv2 is rare. Herpes doesn't typically go from the genitals to the mouth.

Your bf can go to an urgent care or walk in clinic and ask that his blisters get a type specific hsv culture, or preferably, a PCR swab, especially if they are a few days old or older. PCR swabs are more sensitive.

I understand that he's processing, which is normal, but you didn't suddenly become a walking biohazard. Be careful that he doesn't make you feel like one now that he has symptoms of something.
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Thank you for your response! So just to clarify, he’s been very loving and great we just haven’t really talked about it as much as I felt like we could. Maybe because we’ve talked about it so much before or maybe because I overthink everything and it could just not longer be a big deal for him. We obviously knew this was a reality and could be an outcome. I agree that he should get tested and rule it out. He’s been tested prior and nothing. We’ve been together for 2 years. He’s not cheating on me so if his symptoms are hsv2 it would have been from me. I’m glad to know that oral hsv2 is rare.
I'm glad he's great. :)

Just a caution- make sure hsv testing was included in his prior testing. It often isn't, even if you ask for "everything".

I wouldn't worry about oral hsv2 at all.

Fungal infections, like jock itch, can often look like herpes, so testing is really important. Let me know what happens.
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