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Positive or Negative that is the question

I never knew this would be so difficult.....Quick history...I have been single for the last year starting in Jan. 2006, I had  sex in March 2006 with out a condom with one girl, who as told me she has tested and is negative for all HSV, and I had a condom break with another girl in May...after May I was with another 4 girls but I used condoms...

I took a test in April and everything was negative... another test in Aug. and everything was negative,  in Nov. I took another test and I was HSV 2 positive for antibodies it was the ICG test, I never had any symptoms, the doctor suggested to do another blood test after two week, I did  a new blood test and the test came back Negative, the lab at that point suggested to do another blood work , now we are talking about 4 to 5 weeks from the first test and three different samples and they sent it to another lab and it came back negative... My doctor told me that I got a false positive and I don't have to be so worried about this, that HSV 2 is very common and for me not to be so crazy about it, that im negative, is he right? now with one positive and two negative I still don't know what to do...could he be wrong? do I have it, i did show up positive one time... Can you have a false positive? how is that possible? Im still worried about this....
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Sometimes tests are wrong. It happens. Some tests are also more sensitive than others.

You should wait at least 8 weeks post exposure and by 12 weeks it should come up accurately. And by 6 months, for sure.

If your most recent IgG's for HSV2 came back negative, you're most likely negative.

IgM's come back false positive a LOT so you shouldn't pay attention to that. It reacts to other herpes viruses which are EBV (mono), CMV, chicken pox/shingles, etc...

Ask more if you'd like!!

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I can better help you if you get a copy of the blood work that was + and also the last herpes blood test you had done too.  bookmark this post so you can keep adding to it so it makes it easier for all to follow here.  I Just need to see the numerical results - ie hsv1 igg .67 and hsv2 igg 1.1 or whatever they were.

Condoms do not provide 100% protection against hsv transmission. You can't count on them as keeping you hsv negative. they certainly help but they aren't foolproof.  You'll get more protection from them if you apply them when the clothes come off - not just when you are ready to penetrate.

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here is the numbers and test they did....did all started in last October

1st test igg positive 6.0
2nd test igg negative <.09
3rd test igg negative <.09

I just went to doctor today, he told me that the lab made a mistake and I should just relax, I had them do another one again including all STD's like the first test in late October...I do have a slight tingle in my testicale and sometimes I have a sharp pain on my shaft of my penis but it only last for a second and maybe happens a few times a month if that.. I was tested for UT but it came back negative, I was also told that there is no test for tich for men.I have now a woman who wants us to be together just us two and I need to make sure im ok...

any suggestions... am i going to crazy with all this...

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A hsv2 igg of 6 with that positive is rather high to just blow off. I suggest you get a herpes western blot blood test and then go by whatever it shows.  Yes indeed that + result could've been entered in error but it's best to err on the side of caution.

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Well here we go again, I started all these test last year in October and I still do not know if I have something or not. The doctor requested both the igm and igg test and all the other STD, here are the results, im still confused... by the way the last time I had sex was Dec 5th.. I have not been with anyone since Dec. 5th...I did a IGM and a IGG test again last week.

Early Nov. I do a full STD screening, everything comes out negative except


Early Nov. re-test ( doctor said lets do another just to make sure)

Igg HSV1 Negative <.09
igg HSV2 Negative <.09

Early Dec. Re-Test ( doctor said, let's do one more just to check)

Igg HSV1 Negative <.09
Igg HSV2 Negative <.09

I met with my doctor he says that the first test is wrong, the lab made a mistake and for me to relax and to accept the last test, that im ok...

Late January . I take it on my own to re-test on all STD, everything comes out Negative BUT

Igm comes out Equivocal .97 <.91
Igg HSV 1 comes out negative <.09
Igg HSV 2 comes out negative <.09

Ok, am I negative or positive, I have already taken  4 tests since this all started in Nov. and I still do not know, last sexual contact was Dec. 5th with a condom with...is there a doctor that can help me with this, this is very confusing...

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The leading cause of condom breakage is not putting it on correctly or wearing an ill-fitting condom. You might want to learn how to put on a condom correctly to avoid this in the future. Also make sure it is sized for your particular anatomy. If you are well-endowed, try the Magnums. My partner says they fit him like a glove. :o)
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It certainly does look like your first result was entered in error :(  

The igm should've never been drawn on you in the first place so just ignore the results.

If you decide you need to retest again - make sure it's the WB and no other blood test.

If you want a doctor's opinion then you need to pay to post with HHH/EWH on the std forum.

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