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Positive or negative?


I'm very confused about my IgG and IgM Herpes II results. They are the following:

June, 2009

IgG Herpes II: 1.04
IgM Herpes II: 1.23

July, 2011

IgG Herpes II: 0.49
IgM Herpes II: 0.48

IgG Herpes I: 0.57
IgM Herpes I: 0.47

I did the tests in different laboratories. Since 2009, I was thinking that I had Herpes II, but now I don't know what to think about it. I have never had the common symptoms of genital herpes, but I've had very very small outbreaks that lasted just 2 days.

Next monday will be my date with the urologist. But, what should I believe? The first results were a false positive or the second are a false negative? If I'm positive, could my body decrease their IgG antibodies at a low level after two years?

Please, help me.

PD: sorry for my bad english.
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I can't really offer much advice on your testing since you are outside of the US.

the herpes igm tests are falsely positive a significant amount of the time. You should never consider yourself as having herpes from a + igm result.

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Hi again,

The outbreaks that I said I had are not Herpes, my doctor confirmed it.

About my results and based in what I have read in this forum, I don't have HSV II (first a low positive result and then a negative result). But I am still confused about my Herpes tests cut off. In both tests, a positive results begins in 1.0 value, not in 1.1 value as I have seen experts say in many posts.

Should I do another test to confirm my status? I don't know what kind of blood test was the first (it was specific but I'm not sure if was an Elisa or another), but the second was an Elisa specific test.

I appreciate a lot your help!

pd: What's the difference of not being in US?
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The challenge is your testing is done out of the US.  Grace really deals with the US based testing.

The difference is the makers of the test and knowing what their general make up and various other factors that make up the tests.  What one country may use and require labs to do is not what another may want.

The best idea would be to seek out a local HSV support group as they may know more about the false positive rates with the testing you had done.  
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it's doubtful your hsv2 is positive even with it being out of country and the cut off being a little different.  probably really not even any reason for any further testing.
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