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Possibility of Std with Intercourse by condom?

Hi all this is my first post here.

To cut to the chase yesterday I went for a massage and engaged in oral and vaginal sex with the prostitute. For all times, the condom was on. During oral sex the mouth only touched the covered area. During sex, which did not even was more that 5 minutes, I know that the covered part of penis was in vagina and not all of the penis went inside her. Also if my memory stands correct, the genital area that was uncovered (scrotum) did not touch the genital area of the female.

Am I over thinking my fears for an infection with herpes?
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The odds are very low that you would have acquired herpes from this encounter. While condoms do not provide 100% protection from herpes, they do significantly reduce the risk of herpes transmission.

The odds that would have acquired hsv1 or hsv2 from this encounter is exceedingly low, like one in several thousand at best, and probably much lower than that.  I would not worry about this encounter.

Congratulations on being kind to yourself, using condoms and practicing safe sex. Good luck.
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