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Possibility of contracting HSV-1, if the condom broke briefly?

I just found out a guy I slept with has HSV-1 on his penis. However, he just found out he has it and has not had an outbreak. At one point the condom broke, and we realized it broke maybe it took 30 seconds-1 minute after it happened (over estimating). After which, we continued to have protected sex. What are the chances of me getting it? I know condoms only protect you against the area of infection, but since he's never had an outbreak I'm not sure where it is anyway. I have an appointment to get tested, but I after reading crazy stories on the internet I am freaking out. I have not had sex with him nor anyone else since. Also, we did not engage in any oral sex.  
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OK, there is a nonsense here. You cannot know you have HSV1 on your penis and not have an outbreak. Either he has had an outbreak on his penis swabbed positive or it is unlikely he has genital HSV1.

I think you are at zero risk here.

I think it is your partner who has been reading crazy stories!
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I asked if he had an outbreak and he told me he got tested and it came back positive, which is how he knows.  
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Then he has an oral HSV-1 infection like 70-90% of the population!
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Right, but it is "below the belt HSV-1"
So my question is how likely that he passed it on to me?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to get some peace of mind!  
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No, overwhelmingly HSV1 is oral. HSV 1 and 2 can be either oral or genital (even elsewhere) but 1 has a preference for oral and 2 genital.

Anyone diagnosed through a blood test for HSV1 should assume the infection is oral and anyone with HSV2 should assume genital.

Hence the odds of transmission to your genitals are zero at this time.
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