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Possibility of contracting herpes.

Greetings everyone. Last Sunday I received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker. The last couple of days I started having whiteheads i think or small pimples. They are not ulcers or anything so far. I am very hygienic and wash the groin area very on daily bases. However, I am extremely terrified that I might contracted anything. I will try to post some photos here if I can.

Any help would be appreciated.
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No STD produces whiteheads or pimples.

Do you mean this past Sunday or the Sunday before? Do they hurt, are they spreading?
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Hello, mate. This past Sunday. They don’t hurt or itchy at all. However, they are spreading at a very slow rate so far.
Herpes symptoms take time to appear - usually 4 days on average, though it can be as little as 2.

Given the time line, and that they aren't blisters, they don't itch or hurt, I really don't think this is herpes. Are they on hair follicles? You could have folliculitis, which are infected hair follicles. Since it's spreading, even slowly, you should let a doctor take a look.

If they think it's herpes, make them do a PCR swab on it. This is more sensitive than a regular culture, and you don't need to have blisters to do it. Don't let them visually diagnose you with herpes. Even with blisters, a visual diagnosis of herpes is often wrong.

Let us know what happens.
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Also, is it not possible to post photos here?
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It is possible to post photos by visiting your profile.  You can find that on the "My MedHelp" link at the top of the page.  However, photos of genitals are not permitted, regardless of the reason.
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