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Possible Eyes Herpes

I had been diagnosed with hsv-1 more than one year, recently I had outbreak there are few small red dots on my hand, I accidentally used my hand to rub my eyes. Currently my eyes feels itchy, is it possible that I had spread it to my eyes?
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Itchy red rashes on your hands can be s problem - but NOTHING to do with herpes.  Please see a doctor.  You may be allergic to something that is causing your hands to break out, or you may have contacted a plant that is causing you to have itchy hands.  

This isn't related to herpes, at all, but if you transfer a bacterial infection to your eyes, it could cause you a lot of discomfort and may end up in infection.  Herpes - no.  But if you have had a reaction to a plant, like poison ivy, you could transfer that to your eyes.  Also, it may be a simple reaction to detergent or something else you contacted in the environment.
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Not true I get outbreaks in odd places including my scalp, behind the ear, and on my wrist. Anything above the waist is possible
That's not true. Herpes infects nerve groups. Oral herpes infects the trigeminal nerve, which affects only your face. You might get it on the edge of your forehead into your hair, but that's it.


Have you had these spots you get cultured? You should. The only way this could be herpes is if you have what's called herpes gladiatorum. https://www.healthline.com/health/herpes-gladiatorum

Most people who have this get it from wrestling or other contact sports. If you haven't participated in contact sports, you definitely should get these spots cultured. Get into your doctor within 24-48 hours of one appearing, and ask for a type specific culture, preferably a PCR swab, but not every doctor does that.

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You've had it for more than a year. You have antibodies which prevent you from spreading it to other areas of your body, including your hand and your eye.

Did you ever get a test done? I was reading over your posts, and you had some symptoms, but I didn't find anything about actually get diagnosed.

If you do have hsv1, you either have it orally or genitally. It doesn't appear on your hand, and it's never just a few small red dots.
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I had done the test which is positive for Hsv1, red dots and they are very itchy.
If you have red dots on your hand that are really itchy, that could be so many different things - an allergic reaction, dermatitis, eczema, bites from something, etc., etc. If it's not going away, you should get it checked by a doctor.

Many of those things can irritate your eyes. It's not herpes, as you have antibodies to protect that from happening.
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