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Possible Genital Herpes?

I have never went home with someone before but 12 days ago I went home with a girl from the bar... we did not have oral or vaginal sex. All we did was make out and dry-hump. She wore yoga pants and underwear the entire time and I never took my boxers off. I have been very worried and probably having anxiety over the situation. I did text her and asked if she had anything and she said she didn't and got tested for STI's 2 months ago and that came back clean. Would that test be good for HSV-2? About 5 days ago I started to get muscle aches in my lower thighs and calves along with sinus headaches, tiredness, and a little bit of a sore throat. I've checked my temperature regularly and it has been normal. Could the worrying and stress have gotten me sick? Am I worried for nothing? Thanks for taking the time to read and help.
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You are worried over nothing there is zero, none, 0 chance you got genital herpes this way. Save yourself the testing money and relax. You caught a cold or flu etc.
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