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Possible HSV transmission

I have been dealing with discomfort on my testicles for the past 8 weeks. It all started during a massage on Oct.19th in a shady environment witch lead to protected felatio. My concern is that the worker placed the condom on with her mouth and now my concern is the possibility  of transmission from that one second. She had no visible sores or anything I can recognize on her mouth.

10/21-10/23 the discomfort started with the bottom shaft of the penis sticking to my testicles and causing discomfort that went of for a couple of days.

10/27, the itch started on my bottom shaft where the penis touched my scrotum skin which would come and go with no rash

10/30-11/2,  I got a tingling feeling on rim of penis with redness that went away on its own after a couple of days with no ulcers or blisters forming. I figured it was from excessive washing since I have gotten it in the past from soaps. The itch in shaft and scrotum was not present during this time.

11/3, the itch in testicle scrotum and under penis shaft began again after redness subsided

This was on and off for days. I would wake up fine and itch would come in the afternoon and I would find relief after showering

11/27, I applied Hydrocortisone 1% cream and itch in bottom shaft and went away in 2 days and have not had an itch there since

12/1, sticking penis to scrotum started again with not an itch, just discomfort which I find relief rearranging my privates.

12/5 testicle skin is hardened and feels like cracking or burning skin but no visible rash or lession. I am not sure if this was due to Hydrocortisone I always put on my scrotum skin which I hear isn't always good.

12/6-12/15 I just know something isn't right down there and it started after that potential exposure as I have never had such an itch or discomfort.

I am waiting for the 12 week mark to get a full panel test. I tried to think of it  being something else like the condom since I have only used a condom around 10 times total in my life (everything I had sex) and haven't used one in over 6 years while I was in a faithful relationship. I'm wondering if the sheets were contaminated since I layed there naked during back massage at first, or even the "alcohol" type spray she gave me to clean myself after I took condom off. There's just so much conflicting information about herpes. I again haven't had the occasional blisters, swollen lymph nodes, fever, or discomfort anywhere else. Any advice would help, thanks and sorry for the long post.

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Hi, considering herpes is the reason for your irritations and having testing due to this is a complete waste of time as you cannot contract herpes using a condom even if she put it on with her mouth and its not by sheets.
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Thank you for your reply. I only assume it is herpes due to the fact that these symptoms started just days after the encounter. I have also never had such symptoms prior to this. My concern is that maybe her mouth touched my the glass of my penis surface accidently while she popped the condom on and then rolled the rest down with her fingers. What else would you say it can be? I know anxiety is getting the best of me, but I need testing just for peace of mind of not giving something to my ex girlfriend whom I am working on getting back with.
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My concern is that maybe her mouth touched the glans of my penis* sorry for auto correct
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Its all do to anxiety as you had no risk to contact any std. If there is irritations its almost certainly from your constant touching and pulling at your genital area looking for things. The symptoms your mentioning are common everyday things that all men experience.
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