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Possible HSV2 Exposure- Very Anxious- Please Help

Hello-  I am male and had unprotected sex and oral with a female about 5 months ago.
The week after, she said that she had a genital HSV breakout (her first).  I immediately went for testing and results for Quest Igg were HSV1 positive (which I expected from having had cold sores before) and HSV2 negative.  She went and got swab done (not sure what type) and supposedly it came back HSV1 Positve and Negative for HSV2.  She claims to have never had cold sores before and no other recent exposures with others, so the thinking was that perhaps I infected her with GHSV1 orally.  I’m not sure that I believe her regarding other exposures. My issue is that ever since I was told she had GHSV, I have been experiencing symptoms of my own (extreme body sensitivity - I feel everything, pins and needles or burning in feet, toes, fingers for seconds at a time throughout most day the past few weeks, I’ve also had small pimple like bumps show up on inner thighs, pubic area, buttocks and 3 on my shaft at various times the past few weeks, last week I had a few bumps on the tip of my nose and today I had yellow crust in my eye, I had the crawly feeling with a few of the bumps in my thigh & butt).  All the recent symptoms were preceded by a sickly couple of days with low grade 99.2 fever.   I have been really scared and have had these recent symptoms even though I have been on antivirals the whole time.  I did take a 2nd IgG test at 16.5 weeks, which again came back HSV1 positive and HSV2 negative, but learned after the fact that the antiviral may delay seroconversion.  
I’m fearful that her swab test may have missed an HSV2 infection that she had or I’m not being told the whole story.  We aren’t talking anymore so I can’t get details on her test or ask her to get an IgG.
Any thoughts on my situation?
Do my symptoms sound like HSV2?
I haven’t had “blisters”, but have had a number of small bumps.  If I had an actual infection, would I still see blisters large enough to have swabbed, even with antivirals?  And-  would a swab be accurate while on antivirals?
I appreciate any help you can offer.
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If you performed oral on her and she had an outbreak a week later, then you are likely the source unless she received oral from another guy within a few days of your encounter. I don’t see that she would any reason to lie about what the swab said. If she has an HSV2 outbreak, she would assume you are the source and tell you.
The HSV2 IgG is 92% accurate after 12 weeks and I think your physical symptoms are unrelated. If you want 99.5% accurate test results, look into a Western Blot but nothing you mentioned sounds suspicious. I wonder if anxiety isn’t working you over.  If you have any bumps, you can always get them swabbed. Antivirals can impact testing, so maybe go off them for a few weeks and IgG test again. Hsv presentation is different for everyone but again, what you mentioned doesn’t sound worrisome but since you engaged in unprotected sex , you may want one final test while off antivirals.
On a “motherly” note, if you usually have sex unprotected, you may want to consider using condoms moving forward for extra (but not complete) protection.
I think you need to take deep breath.
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Thank you for your response.  I’m very grateful.  I am unable to come off the antivirals for fear that if I had a problem- that I could infect my current partner.  I am scared and a coward, as I would not want to hurt someone.  Is there another way that I can test even though I’m on antivirals?
What are the chances that being on antivirals messed up the 16.5 week test?  Is it a small % or most likely to be invalid?  In other words....is the 92% accuracy after 12 weeks still pretty close?
Antivirals inhibit virus replication, which can make it more difficult for testing to pick up a new infection. I can’t really tell you how the chances while on antivirals that the testing would be wrong. I don’t believe there has ever been extensive studies and it’s mostly speculation. Since your previous partner has HSV1, I would assume that came from you. I understand not wanting to infect your current partner but for accurate testing for HSV2 (92%) if you are concerned from your last exposure, going off for a week or two would be more accurate.
Thank you again for taking time to reply.  There’s lots of conflicting information with regards to symptoms, tests, etc...even amongst the professionals.  I pray that I am negative for HSV2 and pray that soon there will be a cure/preventive tools that can be used and tests with near 100% accuracy (even on antivirals).
Thanks again Toohip1973. I will consider stopping the meds, but not sure I can do it.  As the name implies....I’m scared.

Couple of follow-up questions please.
1) So the symptoms I relayed have kinda been ongoing for the past 3 weeks, with new little bumps showing up at various times.  Like at first it was a couple on my thigh, then a few on my pubic area the next week, then 3 bumps on my shaft next,  then a few more this past week on my butt and pubic areas again.

If this were an GHSV breakout would the bumps, etc jump around from week to week and last for 3+ weeks (all while on 1Gram/day valtrex) or would expect the bumps to come and go generally at the same time?

2) Regarding swab tests, assuming my friends test detected virus and was then typed correctly (which is what I’m being told), how certain is it that one could count on the HSV1 result?  Do they sometimes detect virus and miss the typing? Or is it such that if virus is detected and typing is performed- that it’s reliable?

I very much appreciate your help!
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If you are having nerve issues like burning pains in your feet and hands, yes that can be a symptom of genital herpes.  The pimples on your inner thighs and buttocks also sound related.  I got them as well on my legs. They can itch a little. but arent blisters.  Just look like bug bites or pimples.  You may never get blisters.  Herpes behaves differently for each body it infects, but as you can see you and I share a few symptoms it seems.  I was exposed to HSV2 back in July.  
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Thanks for your reply.  What other symptoms have you experienced?   I failed to mention that I’ve had a little tinnitus in one ear and some thigh and leg twitches.
I personally havent experienced the tinnitus but I have read of others having ringing in their ears on different forums.  My symptoms are burning penis tip that started off as tingling within 2 days after exposure.  It mostly burns now after (never during) peeing, but it can come and go various times throughout the day on its own.  There are very few days it hasnt been there at all.  I got a single big hard bump 4 days after exposure in my pubic hair region that looked like an ingrown hair but was most likely herpes related.   I had a swollen armpit lymph node that week as well. It went away in 24 hours.  My genitals and anus area were very itchy in the beginning.  I was constipated for at least 3 weeks following.  I have random lower back pain some days.  Burning sensations in my legs, feet, and in my right hand by my pinky and palm.  Random jolts of pain in buttocks and back of my thigh.  Alot of times the nerve sensations will coincide with the burning in my penis tip.  Random joint pain in my fingers that comes out of nowhere and goes away on its own, as well as in my elbow joints (mostly the right one).
Thanks Rainyday2.   I read your comments on the other individual as well.  Please advise when you have things confirmed on your end one way or the other.  I will do the same.   Hopefully both of us will end up HSV2 negative.
Thank you both on what you wrote. I’m still trying to get this whole time thing. Toohip was very good about explaining it to me but the part I don’t get is when you get hsv1 gential does it usually come from your most recent in protected sex? I asked this before but what you both just said sounds that way. So if I had it in April May and end of June with the same person and then I was back with my boyfriend at end of June and found out Aug 10 I was positive then it would be from him and not the other person. He is not showing any signs yet and we been together since June 29 and before that 15 years. One stupid move can really change your life it sure Has my and I will never forgive myself. I guess I just pray it was him and that I never give it to him. Thanks for more understanding on this
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