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Possible Herpes Infection?

Had unprotected oral sex performed on me on August 23rd.  Since then I have been paranoid for Herpes or other STD's. I thought I seen something on my lip so I had the initial Herpes test done on Sep 3rd (which Im sure was too soon to read anything from an antibodies test).  The test came back negative. I was going to wait until 6 weeks later to get tested again but two nights in a row (Sep 8 and 9) I woke up at 2:30am itchy in the genital area and needing to urinate which I seldom due at that time.  Im thinking Im mistaken hair bumps (I often shave my genitals) for early herpes signs. Since then, I have been feeling itchy in my genitals.  As of today (Sep 12) the itching has subsided but now I am seeing tiny bumps forming at ridge where my penis head and shaft meet (only on the left side).  I have been hyper focused in the area and they seem to be growing in numbers but still relatively the same size.  Could this still be early herpes or if not some other STD?  Thanks
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The frequency of urination and waking in the middle of the night can be a urinary tract infection, or something like NGU, which is an infection in the urethra. This can be caused by unprotected oral, sometimes by normal mouth bacteria, or other bacteria like strep, if she had strep throat.

Was the itching only external? That could have been anxiety or from shaving.

Tiny bumps on your penis ridge are probably pearly penile papules. Totally normal. Have a doctor check it out to be sure, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

I'd definitely get checked for NGU and a urinary tract infection (not related to sexual activity).
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Thanks so much for the response, really appreciate it.

Would there be any other symptoms for NGU?  
The itchiness was mainly on the left side of the testicles and both sides of groin area, nothing internal, no real burning when peeing or anything like that.

The tiny bumps have me still concerned a bit.  They don't seem to only be in formation around the head ridge like Ive seen on pearly penile papules pictures (thats a lot fo p's). Most are, but there are some that are lower and spread out a bit. Is there any other STD that would have this as a symptom?

I was thinking maybe irritation because I keep checking the area, they are really tiny, I have to stretch the skin a bit to see them good, but they are definitely there and more and slightly bigger since I first noticed them yesterday morning.

It has been 21 days since possible STD exposure.

Thanks again, awesome to be able to ask these questions.
NGU itching is usually internal.


Men (urethral infection)

    Discharge from the penis
    Burning or pain when urinating (peeing)
    Itching, irritation, or tenderness
    Underwear stain

No other STD would give you symptoms like you are describing the bumps, but definitely get it checked by the doctor. HPV can give you bumps, but the timing doesn't fit. It usually takes months for those to appear. Molluscum also causes bumps, but again, the incubation period (time from infection to symptoms) is months. If the bumps are either of these things, it's not from this encounter. Oral sex is also unlikely to transmit either.

Syphilis can be transmitted via oral sex, but that causes an open sore, not small bumps.

You really should just let your doctor see it and tell you what it is. It could be anything from something normal to fungal to an allergic reaction to irritation. While you're at the doctor's, ask to test for NGU.

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