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Possible Herpes zoster- spreading over body 3 weeks

I have bumps that start like welts and are very itchy. They then "calm down" & i can tell one may actually be several bumps.  They then blister and scab.  They started on my arm, switched to other arm, did the same with the back of my neck, now on my side/hip and now today a few on my face!  The urgent care nurse said possible herpes zoster, like chicken pox or shingles, but not exactly the same. For a more specialized opinion, she referred me to a dermatologist (i go tomorrow).  Does anyone know what can cause this or know anything about what I've described?
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Dermatologist is your best move here. Yes Zoster is a possibility but I'm thinking not that likely given appearance on the arm.

Best that you wait for the specialists opinion.
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Thank you. I've been to the dermatologist twice, urgent care, & heading to a new doctor tonight. No one can tell me what it is!! I'll try to update when I ever get an answer
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