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Possible Primary Outbreak

I made a stupid mistake last weekend while traveling: I fooled around with a girl and had mutual oral / frottage but no intercourse. I spent the whole week riddled with guilt and shame and on day 5 started getting symptoms: swollen pelvic lymph nodes, red scrotum and a slight drip from my penis. I received antibiotics from my local clinic but after 2 days I still have discomfort and the rash on my testicles remains. I’m really freaked out because the rash is where the girl was grinding on me so now I’m worried that it might be herpes. Is there anything I can do in this situation besides sitting around and waiting to see what happens? Please help, I’m so scared
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What kind of antibiotics did you get? Did they test you for anything?

Has a doctor actually seen the rash? If you haven't been tested for anything, and a doctor hasn't seen the rash, the antibiotics may make it worse if it's yeast or something fungal.

The slight drip - did they culture that?  How often are you seeing the drip?

A rash doesn't sound like herpes, and it would take some serious frottage to transmit herpes to your scrotum, as the skin is really thick there.
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