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Possible herpes... scared ********

This is going to sound crazy, I know.

A few weeks ago I noticed a pus filled bump on my buttcheek. I applied warm compress , etc. I believed it was just a boil or cyst. It stared to go away. Now it’s slightly opened and looks like a scab in some spots
Last week a sore popped up on my labia. I figured it was an ingrown hair.

I’ve taken a ton of pictures with my phone. Looked in the mirror.
It looks like it has a hair finally coming out. But it also looks open.

They’re two completely different spots. And they were both so different. The one on my labia caused a little discomfort but nothing excrutiating. I’m worried that it’s herpes. But my local planned parenthood doesn’t have openings until the second week of September. I’m so scared. Is it possible an ingrown hair can “open”?
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