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Possibly got Herpes?

I'm 23 yr old male,

   Had unprotected sex last Sunday and noticed irritated follicles all over base of penal shaft...brushed it off thinking it was just friction from sex. Had sex again with same partner next day, unprotected yet again (stupid I know). Same bumps were present, might have even gotten worse...Fast forward a day or two later. Still some general irritation, also a bump on the back of neck, could be totally unrelated. I looked at dozens of articles because my stress drove me to do so. I'm going to see my GP tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone had some basic info for me now. Thanks
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So the symptoms appeared the same day as the sex? That's way to early for any herpes symptoms to appear.
So you think it's probably just friction? Because it makes more sense, I can jump the gun sometimes and assume the worst. Thanks for response.
Well herpes did not come on in a matter of hours. 4 days later is average. Two days minimum.
Thanks for your help sir!
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