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Post-exposure Herpes Symptoms??

3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a girl who has a pretty bad reputation. Ever since then, I have been experiencing literally all of the herpes symptoms except blisters. I have seen two health professionals about a mild rash that I have been experiencing, but both have said it looks like folliculitis and not at all like the typical herpes lesion. My other symptoms have included:

- Flu like symptoms (over the past 3 weeks I have had one night a week with terrible sleep, tossing and turning and the night sweats)
- Generally not feeling well
- Tingling pubic area
- Itching pubic area, scrotum, anus, thighs
- Mild aching pain in testicles
- diarrhea (just one day)
- lower abdomen pain
- lower back pain
- Congestion (runny nose, cough)
- Loss of weight and appetite
- aching groin lymph nodes
- sore throat

All of the symptoms have not been occurring at the same time, but all on and off. The rash i have experienced has been coming and going. I did have one spot at the most upper part of my pubic area, but this seemed to be an ingrown hair that i picked at and scabbed over and disappeared.

If anyone has an experience like this please let me know! I plan on getting tested in three weeks
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Hi, firstly, the risk contracting herpes from a one time affair where she did not have any vaginal sores at the time would be close to zero. Only testing would confirm if you have herpes. However flu like symptoms should not last that long and tingling is a term used for those who already have herpes and is a sign of a pending outbreak, its called prodrome.
Testing at 3 weeks is a waste but 8 weeks would be a good indicator.
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Anyone else have any idea what this could be? Is anxiety/guilt making me believe all of this?

To add to it, I have recently had an extremely itchy anus and constipation that has made bowel movements painful.
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Itchey anus and constipation has nothing to do with herpes
Those that do develop the more common symptoms like a fever and body aches do so on an average of 3 -13 days post exposure. None of what you mention would appear you contacted herpes from an affair 3 weeks ago.
It does appear that your anxiety is getting the best of you.
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Your symptoms are not even remotely suggestive of herpes or any other STD. Most of them indeed are typical for the physical manfeistations of anxiety, guilt, etc.

Given the high risk sexual exposure, it would be reasonable to be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia (urine test) if not done already, and maybe HIV and syphilis blood tests at 6-8 weeks. But no reason to test for herpes -- too low a risk, would not cause any symptoms you report, and too high a risk of false or misleading results.

Itching of the anal area is one of the most common of all symptoms that humans experience. Everyone has it from time to time. But if you're actually having pain during bowel movements, you could have an anal fissure, hemorrhoids, or something like that. For sure no STD, but probably should be checked out by a doctor or clinic if it continues.
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Thank you for your response. I'm a bit confused though, all of these symptoms are listed all over online. Is there something specific about timeline or frequency that makes you doubt it's herpes?
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I guess the question for others is how likely is it to have some symptoms of herpes without blisters appearing?
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'how likely is it to have some symptoms of herpes without blisters appearing?"

Very unlikely for initial herpes, more common for recurrent outbreaks. lookingforanswers has put his finger on the problem. Websites that list symptoms of herpes often don't make it clear that the pattern of symptoms is just as important as the symptoms themselves. If systemic symptoms of initial herpes (fever, tender lymph nodes, headache, etc) can occur without obvious skin lesions etc, it is very rare. Another common failure of such lists is to not make it clear that neurological prodrome (tingling, leg pains, etc) are primarily associated with recurrent herpes, not the initial infection; and that herpes rarely causes such symptoms alone. Finally, except for overt lesions (blisters, open sores), a single symptom from the list rarely indicates herpes; most infected people have several symptoms, not just one. There are exceptions to these rules, but they hold up well for most infected people.
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Hi HowardH,

Late last night I started to feel some pain in my upper things where they meet the abdomen. Last night I felt feverish again and tossed and turned all night. Today my legs still feel that numbness, and my back is stiff too. Still no signs of any lesions. This is now 24 days post exposure.

I was tested positive for HSV-1, but this is more than likely from cold sores as a kid. Could this be genital HSV-1 prodrome?
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Read my old posts.

I've had everything you describe (and then some) and tested negative all the way through month 11 (9 IgG tests and 1 Western Blot).  It took several months of stress and freaking out; but, I was finally able to convince myself that I didn't have HSV2 (like you I'm also HSV1 positive- lifelong oral).  Don't be me.  I'm being completely serious when I say that it almost ruined my life... in fact, there were times when I hoped I would have a positive test so that I could just get the meds and move on.  I was nearly kicked out of these forums for telling someone else what I"m gonna tell you now:  STAY OFF THIS WEBSITE.  It could very easily become an unhealthy obsession for you the way it was for me.  I'm negative.  You most likely are as well.

85% of your problem is probably in your head.  The rest is probably amplified by fear.  

Please don't respond to me personally, this is the last time I'll be on this site. You're getting excellent advice here already.
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This doesn't change my opinion or advice. As for Tim, that's my last comment on this thread.
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Still aching back and swollen groin lymph nodes on my right leg... Well over 4 weeks at this point. Still no sign of outbreak. Anyone??
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