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Posterherpetic Neuralgia HSV2, anhyone's Dr. mention?

I have HSV2 (caught from my ex when we were first married, she was pregnant and didn't realize she was having an outbreak) and since November when I had earth shaking stress come down on me with my father almost dying several times, and other incredible stresses at the same time, I began to have burning pain in the urethra, testicles, perineum, pubic bone area, as well as what felt like up by the prostate.

I have been to many doctors and had tests done.  I am (bacterial) infection free.  No cancers, etc.

This has literally debilitated me.  I'm just wondering if anyone else who may have similar symptoms with no infection may have been told by a doctor that it could be postherpetic neuralgia caused by possibly the HSV2 virus, or any other Herpes virus like HHV6, 7, 8, etc...  NOT JUST caused Herpese Zostra (shingles).

I have seen many doctors, and only one seemed to actually believe what I have could be PN.  She said they see it a lot.

I just found it strange that out of the many doctors I've seen, only one has really given PN with HSV2 a real nod as a possible cause.  A couple other doctors have say maybe, but didn't sound convinced or educated on the matter.

Apparently, from what I've researched, HSV2 can flair up along nerve channels even without a breakout - much like a prodrome, only more wide spread, and lasting much longer.

My only hope is that this, sooner than later, begins to go away, that my body can fight it off, because I feel like my life is over.

Unfortunately, the virus hides in the nerve channels where your immune system doesn't detect it, at least not very well.

Any input, or help on the matter is appreciated.
Thank you.
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I'm curious about your current condition. Its been a couple years since you wrote this forum and I see that you didn't get an answer.

I am suffering from similar symptoms.  I tested positive on a IGM test but didn't get a type specific test done, since they are not easy to come by.  My symptoms are burning sensations in both thighs on the interior side without redness.  This comes and goes and usually is worse when compressed by pants or my legs being together while sleeping. I also have redness in my scrotum (a sharp border of obvious skin discoloration) that can be annoying to painful and it moved to the shaft of my penis. That whole are is more sensitive that it has been in the past and sex irritates the area.  Also occasional itchy without bumps or redness in my perineum and occasional sharp pains in my urethra but not always.

I have not had any herpes outbreak in my genital region however I have dated people with cold sores and I'm sure I have had one in my teenage years. I do think I have the HSV1 virus but not positive on HSV2 and maybe its relationship to my symptoms.

These symptoms have been consistent for about 5 months now, never going away completely.
Tested negative for Fungal, Bacteria, and Psoriasis, and yeast.

I have noticed I developed Fordyce Spots where the irritated scrotum is, but only where it is red in nature.

I'm on Gabapentin and Doxycycline, and treating it as a Nerve problem maybe related to an falling/stretching accident in my left groin I had two years ago that has turned into a chronic injury. (still under debate if there is a correlation)

All doctors ive seen said its not an STD, and its not Herpes.   I'm changing my life by moving to a more serene area in the mountains to see if that has some healing properties

If you end up getting this message id be happy as well as grateful to have discussion on if you still have these symptoms or how you deal/ dealt with them.  8 months of research and testing and no one knows whats wrong with me.  I recently was accused of it being all in my head and asked for a referral to a psychiatrist.   This pain is real, even if at first glance the redness in my scrotum looks "normal". It may be for some men but for me it is not how it normally looks and its quite painful.

Thank you for anyone who may come upon this.

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