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Primary Herpese in men

what are the first symptoms in men and when do they show after being infected?Few days, weeks,months? thanks
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Same as in women - any of the above. This virus doesn't discriminate on the basis of gender.
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If you just got the disease and if it shows its ugly head, it will be within 2 weeks but probably like 2 to 7 days is normal!! What are your symptoms?
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I have no symptoms, I am just worried about herpes and hiv at the moment due to a recent unprotected sex (1-3min) which include some remnants of menstrual blood. she swears to me that she doesnt have anything. its has been 5 days since my exposure and have no symptoms but i have big time what ifs in my head now. I have read that in men it should show up between 2-7 days and women takes a little longer since it might be inside of her vagina and the sores might not show up outside until ~1month later, am i correct?
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No. You are not correct. Women and men can manifest symptoms in the same time period. And herpes is not found in blood. It's located in the nerves.

Is there any reason not to believe your partner? Just because you are anxious about STDs doesn't mean she's lying to you. The way you worded your message ("she swears to me...") sounds like you projected your anxiety onto her (and maybe not in a good way). Hopefully, you weren't rude or disrespectful to her. You made the choice to have unproctected sex, which can have consequences.

Do you even know your own herpes status? There is about a 25% chance you are already infected with genital herpes.
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