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Prodome only?

Hi There

First time on this so not sure if I am doing it properly.

I had a high risk experience after having protected sex with a stripper 4 months ago. I noticed a burning sensation on the head of my penis as well as on my lips / tounge tip around 3 days later. I went to the doctors about a week after that and he suggested it was a yeast infection. I should note that my penis tip was red but there were no bumps. This persisted for about 3 weeks so I tried diflucan 150g and weighted another week however the symptoms didn't go (mainly red tingling or burning pebis and sometimes on the shaft when most/sweating) after 5-6 weeks I got the full tests done with a urethral swab for herpes and was put on a diflucan 50g per day course for a week. The tests came back negative for everything and my penis did clear up for about 1 week but then went back I red and irritated.

I'm not 4 months down the line and still get the same symptoms, I've had other blood tests to check for blood sugars etc however these were all fine.

I don't have faith in the herpes test as there were never any blisters so I am going to ask for specific blood test.

Just wanted to know whether this has any hint of herpes? My gut suggests it does!


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Hi since your penis was covered any symptoms your having on the head or shaft are not related to any std including herpes as needs direct skin contact to spread.
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Is that right? I though that symptoms could show up anywhere?
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Yes but not in the beginning. First time outbreaks only appear at point of first time contact skin area and since it was covered none of your symptoms are std related.
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Ok, just seems to be contradicting information on the web. Guess I will know one way or another once the results come back.
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Nothing contradicts this information. First time outbreaks only occur at point of contact but recurrent can occur anywhere below the boxer short area. Your concerned about a recent herpes infection so these are the undisputed facts that your penis was covered so its impossible to get herpes like that.
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Life360, what do you think this could be then?
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If the head of your penis has an irritation after using a condom it could be a reation to the lube or spermacides inside. It could also throw off your skins pH causing a fungal infection. You need to see a professional about this.
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Thanks. I guess this is where the issue lies in that either my GP is 100% sure that it isn't Herp or I am just doubting of the advice. As you say, if the 'primary outbreak' which didn't actually l involve blisters, occurred on thenpenis head and ive had no real symptoms on the area what was uncovered, it's unlikely this can be Herpes. Guess I just need to tell myself this and get out of my own head!
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