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Prodrome or psycho-somatic?

I had my first hsv1 ob in early january.  It was very mild, only last about a week and characterized by a tiny paper-cut like cut and a couple very tiny blisters (how could something so small be sooooooo uncomforatble?!)  I was given valtrex right away and it cleared up quickly.  About a week later i had another tiny papercut and took the meds again right away and it was gone within a day.  No blisters or anything.

Lately I've been doing a lot of research to try and educate myself as I've started seeing someone new and I want to know how to share this with him if the relationship gets serious enough.  I've also noticed (maybe over the past week) that I'm having a lot "sensations" in the area of my previous ob.  I can't quite put my finger on whether it feels like the same feelings I had connected to my previous ob's or if I'm just hyper aware of every feeling I get there now because I'm constantly worried.  I self-check at least once a day and do not see any physical signs of an ob.  Sometimes I panic and take the meds - a 2 pills twice a day for 2 days course of valtrex - but doing so doesn't alleviate the feelings at all.

Is there anyway to find out if this is prodrome symptoms or if it's just me being crazy?  I have a tendancy to be psycho-somatic at times... :(   Is there any test that can be done to confirm if there is viral activity happening?

I'm feeling frustrated because I've just recently gotten to that point of acceptance of this issue and feeling like I could talk about it with a future partner and have a normal relationship again.  But feeling like I might be in this prolonged state of prodrome is really waivering my confidence.  

Any thoughts are very helpful.
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A swab of the first lesion (tiny paper cut like cut) was taken within 24 hours of it appearing. Then when the blisters appeared ( a couple days later) a swab was taken of them within 12 hours of them appearing.  Both swabs came back positive for HSV1.

I've had quite a few vaginal bv and yeast infections over the past few years and am quite familiar with thier symptoms.   That said, I will go and get tested for these again.   This feeling I'm currently experiencing has only started since my initial HSV outbreak, despite my chronic isues with both yeast and bv.  To be honest...when I first presented at the clinic with the initial lesion, the doctor (not my usual gp) said she didn't think it was herpes and suggested it might be a yeast infection fissure.  At that time I tested negative for yeast infection, but positive for hsv1
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how were you diagnosed as having hsv1 genitally?

you need to go back and be seen again. make sure that they properly test you for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally.

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