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Protected Oral: Herpes?

Hi there.  About 3 weeks ago, I received roughly 10 seconds of protected oral from a professional woman.  She put the condom on.  I saw her open the package, so I know it was new.  It did not break.  At no time was there ever "skin to skin" contact from her mouth or other part of her body other than her hand putting the condom on.  I did ejaculate.  It did not leak, so I don't think there was a hole in it.  I removed it carefully and did not get anything wet on myself when removing it.  I did not have any noticeable sores or cuts on my penis, nor did she have any noticeable sores on her mouth (or anywhere else).  I rinsed myself off with soap and warm water in the sink. I asked her if she was clean, and she swore up and down she was and that she gets tested every 2 weeks. Who knows how truthful she was. I also used hand sanitizer all over myself and my genitals after seeing her about 5-10 minutes afterwards.

I got what felt like the flu about a week later.  I had post-nasal drip, coughing, etc. I got a chest x-ray because my daughter had pneumonia also roughly a week prior to me getting sick and likely a virus also.  It was neg for pneumonia, but had what looked like bronchitis.  I was put on Doxycyclene for 10 days.  I ran a fever for about 3 days, and an elevated temp (but not a fever) for 4 additional days.  

At this point, I still don't feel 100%.  I feel tired and sort of run down. About 2 weeks after my encounter, I masturbated and then took a shower 2 hours later.  In the shower, I noticed an open sore on my penis.  I attributed it to friction burn.  I went back to my my urgent care GP, who agreed it was friction burn.  I told her about my encounter, and she thought testing for HIV/Herpes was overkill and that Doxy would take care of the most transmittable SIDs, which was fortuitous.  They did a regular non-STD blood test, and a urine test as well, which came back normal.  I went back to my regular GP last week for a check up because I still wasn't feeling well, and told him of the encounter as well.  He thought testing was not necessary, and my symptoms were not attributable to any STDs.

Today I wake up and find two small pimple-looking things on the shaft of my penis near each other.  They are very, very small, and probably would not show up if I took a photo.  They look just like a small pimple.  As small as the tip of a ball point pen.  When I had the friction burn, or what I thought was a friction burn (it was never raised, never a blister), I slathered on a lot of neosporin.  Could these be pimples from blocked pores?  Or is it possible these are herpes?

Also, because I still feel generally unwell, and today I also discovered a rashyness on my upper chest (small, dispersed pimple-like spots...look like what you get if you get hot and sweaty and don't wash), could I have received HIV as well and my illness was acute HIV?

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not if it's all protected. we recommend protected sexual contact for good reason - it works!!!!!!
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Please disregard the HIV portion of this question.  Apologies.  Please just assess for herpes risk.  Thanks.
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Grace: you seem like you are super-knowledgeable in this area.  Do you think testing is warranted?
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Please, please...help me allay my fears.  Are my symptoms not representative of herpes?
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please be patient as we ask in our read before posting post on the forum :)

protected oral sex is as safe as it gets. the only thing safer is sitting at home alone with your right hand. you never needed any std testing nor did you ever need treatment for a std from the encounter in question.

you have had a virus or a bacterial infection in your household. no reason to think that the upper respiratory symptoms you had were std related at all. it's your guilt making you think that they might have been.

washing up after sex doesn't reduce std risk either ( as an fyi ). You actually did damage to your skin by using the hand sanitizer on it. it's alcohol based and far too strong for our delicate genital skin.    same goes with we don't recommend neosporin in the genital area either. we've had plenty of posters who get reactions to that and end up worse than they started out too!

at this point, I'd put your penis away and stop worrying about what is going on down there. you weren't at risk for a std from the encounter in question.  should you get redness or a rash, it's more likely a fungal infection from being on antibiotics.

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Thank you so much, Grace.  You are a godsend.

Same goes for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis correct?  If I have any urinary symptoms/urethra irritation, it is a non-related issue, right? Not possible from this encounter?
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this was protected oral sex. you didn't contract a std from it.
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I am still feeling run down.  You are 100% that you cannot get an STD from protected oral?  No need for ANY such testing?
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Meaning, if you have protected oral from 3 different professional women 3 days in a row (just a hypo), your risk for acquiring an STD wouldn't be any greater?
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Thank you Grace.
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