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Protected oral sex (male) but i have jock itch

I wore protection while receiving oral sex. My partner did get saliva on my scrotum. From scratching, I had an abrasion from jock itch. Her saliva definitely touched that area.

She is only diagnosed with HSV2 and has never manifested HSV1. At the time she was on anti virals and was not in an outbreak of her HSV2.

This happened 10 days ago. I am hyper aware, which i feel is causing me to think i have some how contracted herpes from her, although i know the odds are 1.5%in this case.
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So, if I'm understanding correctly, you only had protected oral with her - not vaginal or anal sex?

If that's the case, and she has genital hsv2, you aren't at risk at all from this for hsv2. People with genital hsv2 are only infectious from their genitals.

Also, I'm not sure where the 1.5% risk figure comes from? That sounds like the stat for if you have vaginal sex with her, and she's on antivirals, but that's the risk for the course of a year, assuming sex 2-3x a year, not per encounter.

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